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We Did NOT Elect Republicans to Act Like Democrats!

Yo!  North Carolina Republicans [and, frankly, Republicans everywhere] we did NOT elect you to run around thinking that you can just treat people any ol’ way ya want.

Be consistent with the concepts of Liberty.

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Shooting Themselves In The Foot: Hope It Hurts Edition


THAT is what we stand for.

Or, at least, what we should stand for.

Which makes me cringe and cry out in frustration when the Right is wrong.

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Taxes Up or Taxes Down – Pick One

Lot’s of talk about taxes.  Mostly it was last year during the Lame Duck session, but with the State of the Union coming up, we’re back to talking about ’em again.

It seems, normally I suppose, that folks are divided as to whether or not tax increases create or destroy jobs.  Or, in the inverse, do tax cuts creats jobs or not.

It’s an interesting debate.  But for another time.

I wanna suggest that until the actual vote to make ’em permanent takes place, it doesn’t matter.

Consider this:

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The Problem With Knee Jerk Reactions: Other Than The Jerk

We knew it wasn’t gonna take long.  As shock and horror melted away into grief, which in turn melted into rejoicing, we have time to reflect on the impacts of this tragedy.

Because they are elected to “do the people’s business”, our elected officials are going to feel obligated to do just that.

To be sure, folks are gonna line up and voice their complaint, their grievance, their solution.  And they’re gonna say, like everyone before them, “Restrict more rights!”

Except they won’t say it like that.

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North Carolina Rail

North Carolina is interested in building out it’s light rail infrastructure.  And, in those places that make sense, it should.

For example, if there is a destination that has significant traffic, it might make sense to install some form of rail service to alleviate traffic or even draw revenue.

The problem with such plans?  Trains have to run on tracks.  And tracks are both expensive to build and impossible to move.  They are where they are and nothing can be done concerning the “ad hoc” needs of commuters.

So rail planning HAS to rely on data, good data, well thought out data aboiut the goals and ability to meet ’em.

Most, including the News And Observer, don’t do their due diligence.

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Forgive Me If I Say No

When Barack Obama won and announced he was going to fundamentally change America, I shuddered.  I believed him, and I shuddered.

See, I don’t think that Obama loves the idea of America.  I don’t think that he is even close to comfortable with the concept of individual freedom, liberty and responsibility.

Not at all.

So this doesn’t surprise me:

“Administration wants national ID card for online commentary”

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The John Tedesco Affair

We’ve gotten a bunch of attention lately.  None of it very good.

Wake County has had its name drug through the mud, both here in the county, elsewhere about the state and then nationally on the Colbert Show.

For this week, we’ve become a laughing-stock.

At the center of it all seems to be one individual; John Tedesco.

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ID Please

I posted earlier about an effort to require ID to purchase prescription drugs.  Apparently the abuse of prescription drugs is enough of a concern for liberal lawmakers to require proof of identity.

See, in North Carolina you don’t have to prove identity to vote.  You only have to appear and recite your address.  The polling volunteer can’t so much as ask you how long you’ve lived there or how many people live at the residence.

They just nod, smile and give ya a ballot.

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A Test On Taxes

The debate rages on; almost always never resolved.  Do tax hikes benefit or harm economies?

On the one hand, the argument is that the State needs the income to do the People’s Business.  On the other hand, taxes are a burden and a head wind for economic growth.

Who wins out?

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IOP: Idiots on Parade – Constitution Style

In my life I have learned a number of things.  Perhaps chief among them is the ability of people to demonstrate just how unlearned they are.


I have yet to learn that the most egregious of these examples come from our elected officials.

Check out Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee:

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