The John Tedesco Affair

We’ve gotten a bunch of attention lately.  None of it very good.

Wake County has had its name drug through the mud, both here in the county, elsewhere about the state and then nationally on the Colbert Show.

For this week, we’ve become a laughing-stock.

At the center of it all seems to be one individual; John Tedesco.

Very little of what I have seen or heard about John would suggest that he’s the hero those in the Republican Party would make him out to be.  I see a gentleman who resorts to tantrums when faced with opposition.  I see a guy who resigns from a job for what I think is posturing and then does it without another job prospect lined up.

John has continually fomented antagonism and seems more bent on scoring political points than he does in building a meaningful policy change at WCPSS.

Finally, the news that his house is in danger of foreclosure, and the wagon circling of the Republican Party just tipped the whole scenario.  The idea that a political party would call on citizens to send cards and gifts to an elected official in times of distress is just too much!

Note to John:  Get a job.  And hustle.

Note to the Wake GOP: Focus on your core competency and leave this petty nonsense to the peddlers of petty nonsense.

And you wonder why the Left has the success it does with conservatives!


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  2. OMG, I dated a guy named John Tedesco for a long time. A lawyer, gotta admit he was a tad sleezy, but we did have fun. But he never had kids, so this sad sack can’t be his sorry offspring.

    Anyway, you should note a correction at a recent post:

    • OMG, I dated a guy named John Tedesco for a long time.

      Funny stuff.

      this sad sack

      I’m tellin’ ya, there are times when folks I ought to be able to rely on really don’t help the cause. We all have the right to make mistakes, just seems some people abuse the privilege.

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