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Payday Loans. Rip Off or Last Resort?

Heave you ever heard of Clark HowardMr. Howard is a nationally syndicated radio show host talking about consumer finances and protection.  His show is full of advice on how to save money, invest money get out of debt and find great deals.  I love it.

But once in awhile, he gets on a topic and stays there.  Time after time he comes back and just continues to hammer it.

And one of my pet peeves is his take on Payday Loans.

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Do We Need Government Regulation?

Can you imagine if the government didn’t ensure that milk was fresh?  Or eggs?

What if there were no safety standards for cars?  Or houses?

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have the government looking out for us?

Well, it just might be better.

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Consent of the Governed

Often I get the feeling that something just ain’t right.

You Know What This IS

You see it, hear it and then someone even tells ya about it.  And you’re just like….”um, yeah….nah.  That, right there, is horseshit.”

And ya call ’em on it.

And ya got nothin’ right?  ‘Cause really, the only thing ya got is your gut.

Well, now, we got somethin’ for ya….

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Republicans Can Be Leftists Too: Part II

Continuing on the theme that Republicans Can Be Leftists Too is the latest installment.  And the guilty party?  None other than the Left’s favorite bloviator Sean Hannity.

I have been late in posting on this topic, and really, I should have been on top of it from the time it hit.

The subject?

The proposed mosque in New York City near the site of ground zero.

Republicans?  Against it.

Me?  Bad form.  But if they wanna build it, they should be allowed.

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Wanna know what happens when Congress passes a law that gives away free money to people who don’t have jobs?  And haven’t had jobs for better than 99 weeks?

This; THIS is what you get:

They are willing to hire managers.  Not line employees, but managers.  Experience?  They only PREFER it, not require it.

Government is creating this unemployment mess.  Stop paying benefits, reduce the tax on jobs and remove the minimum wage.

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Oil Spill and Green Energy: Why America Doesn’t Care

Size Baby!  Because SIZE matters!

And American’s love size.  And that’s all there is to it.

So, when given the option between savin’ the environment and drivin’ big cars, we choose big cars.


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WCPSS: Diversity

The advocates of the Diversity policy in Wake County have lost an advocate.

Since I became interested in the debate, I have sided with the folks who were in favor of using socio-economic diversity when planning assignments in WCPSS.  I am pretty much in favor of using any tool in a tool box to fix a problem.  And I think the data supports the fact that when a school is becomes “too poor” it tips.

And achievement suffers.

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The State of the Union

Many many people are becoming more and more upset with our President.  People are beginning to see him in action and aren’t liking what they see.  They feel betrayed and disillusioned.

And this is not Obama’s fault.

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Ugh.  Ugly.

With very few exceptions, the racism our in the early stages of our nation have been our worst example of Liberty.  It’s horrible and without defense.

But are we reaching new lows?

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Would You Promote Your Worst Employee?

Then why would you fund your worst performing school?

Consider a business owner with 3-4-5 stores.  Every year, she evaluates her business in an effort to determine which store is doing well and which is under performing.  I can see her ranking her stores, best to worst.

Now imagine if she were to take that list, identify the worst performing store and reward its manager with a raise. 

That’s what we do with our public schools.

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