Would You Promote Your Worst Employee?

Then why would you fund your worst performing school?

Consider a business owner with 3-4-5 stores.  Every year, she evaluates her business in an effort to determine which store is doing well and which is under performing.  I can see her ranking her stores, best to worst.

Now imagine if she were to take that list, identify the worst performing store and reward its manager with a raise. 

That’s what we do with our public schools.

At least that’s how we roll in North Carolina:

Durham, N.C. — Twenty five of North Carolina’s lowest-performing schools are getting more than $65.4 million in federal school improvement grants over the next three years to improve student achievement.

See.  If we have a cool 65.4 million and wanna see to it that MORE kids graduate, by all means, let’s not give it to the successful schools so that we can make more of ’em!  Hell no.

Let’s give it to the schools that SUCK so they can continue to waste the money all the while never increase their numbers.

“We have a chance to transform the Durham Performance Learning Center school,” said Principal Dan Gilfort.

How about this?

Take the $2 million we are giving the Durham Performance Learning Center and demolish it.  Or, fire everybody in it and make room for the most successful school?

But really, this isn’t the fault of the school system.  It’s the fault of government.  It’s how all things Government go.  When a division is doing poorly or failing, we just give it more money.

Just once, I wish schools would be allowed to succeed or fail, just like what happens in real life.

2 responses to “Would You Promote Your Worst Employee?

  1. Where will the students from the demolished school go? Won’t they just drag down the next school they go to? Won’t that school then be demolished the following year? How about the year after that? You are dumb.

    • Where will the students from the demolished school go?

      Open a new school. Fire the failing staff and faculty. Do something besides just give them more money.

      If it were me, I’d give my most successful school more money so they could expand.

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