Oil Spill and Green Energy: Why America Doesn’t Care

Size Baby!  Because SIZE matters!

And American’s love size.  And that’s all there is to it.

So, when given the option between savin’ the environment and drivin’ big cars, we choose big cars.


See, we like to do what we want, to drive what we want and be who we wanna be.

And just ’cause some “Green Energy” President is in office ain’t gonna change that:

Two years after gasoline prices hit a record high of more than $4 a gallon, size matters again for many American drivers.

New or used—pickup trucks, SUVs, crossovers, even minivans—Americans want to drive big.

“The further we get past the gas crisis, the less people remember it,” says Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst for Edmunds.com.

And the reason isn’t rocket surgery; it’s the money stupid:

“When gasoline was above 4 dollars a gallon people wouldn’t even buy a crossover,” says Magliano. “Demand for smaller cars goes away when fuel prices drop. Hybrids are even worse. Consumers don’t want to pay the premium.”

The fact is, we have plenty of oil, and gas.  For a long time.

We should use it.  We should drill for it.  And we should know that the costs of that drilling are less than the costs of NOT drilling.

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