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The Interview Process

I’ve found myself in need of qualified employees working in my organization multiple times in my life.  I’ve been in need of book keepers, bartenders and technical professionals.  In each case, my primary goal was to find the very best individual for the job.  Some of those decisions required that the individual selected be able to hit the ground running.  In other cases I wanted someone who the organization could train and mentor into a high performer.  In short, I was looking for specific skills and skill levels.

Further, in each case, it was critical that I was “right”.  The cost of being wrong is very very high.

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Warren Buffet – Taxes – Patriotic Millionaires

One of the most tired old lines that Democrats trot out when it comes to taxes and the very rich is Warren Buffet’s claim that his secretary pays more in taxes than he does. A statement, of course, that is as silly as it is insulting.

Knowing this, it should be no surprise that Mr. Buffet is a member of The Patriotic Millionaires. This is a group of people who make or are worth a million bucks AND feel that the tax rate they pay is simply too low. They love to sing that they are willing to pay more in taxes.

My response?

So pay the damn money!

If those individuals feel that they aren’t paying enough, there are forms on the IRS website that they can download that will allow them to contribute to the government that amount of money they feel they are inappropriately being allowed to keep. However, when presented this fact, they throw up their hands and make the point that “it doesn’t work unless we ALL contribute! It requires ALL of us to pay more.”

What this means, of course, is that what this group of people REALLY wants is for someone ELSE to pay more in taxes.

Leftists are Leftists whether they be poor or rich. The best thing to do is remains far away from them as possible.

Two ‘Fer

Media bias.

I don’t like getting caught up in what is and what isn’t “bias”.  For one, I don’t like the partisan sniping.  And two, I think that journalists think they are being honest.  So whatch’a gonna do?

So, I don’t usually put much merit in the idea that Fox is biased right [no shit] or that MSNBC is biased Left [ again, no shit ].  But what I DO find interesting is where news is buried.

Check this out:

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On All Things Redistributive

This is good stuff.

Call ’em what ya want, but businessmen are good at business.  Usually that is.  See, the system tends to flush the poor ones out.  Now, to be sure, there are exceptions, even notable ones.  And there are even cases where men and women have done well for a very long time only to stumble later on.

Say what’cha will.  But one thing is for sure.  Business is in the business of making money.  And for all of us, that is a most wonderful thing.

That is the thing that brings us I-Pods, Phones and Pads.

This is what gives us blueberries in January and corn on the cob in April.  French wine, Swiss chocolate and German sausage all in one safe well lit air conditioned warehouse.

But I digress.  These people are in it to win it.  And God help the man that gets in the way of that.

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Who Can Vote

Ya know, there’s been a lot of back and forth among folks on either side of the aisle concerning Voter ID laws making their way into state houses around the country.  With the massive Republican win in 2010, control of state government swung hard right.  And using those majorities and governorships, the GOP is passing laws that would restrict voting.  Now, the restrictions are common sense and are reasonable.  Basically, you have to be a citizen.  Crazy talk I know, but nothing will get a bunch of statists up in arms like a good government regulation!


But serious.  Think about voter id laws and the reaction to ’em.  It goes back to the days when polling places, cities, counties and even entire states tried to prevent black people from voting.  For no other reason than they were black.  We’re stuck there.  We can’t escape from there.  Talk about requiring some burden of proof and the immediate reaction is the usual “Tea Party is racist!” meme.


But here is something that will REALLY get the Left up in arms.  If we’re gonna restrict voting, restrict it on the basis of your Federal Tax burden.

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Jon Stewart Blinked

Anthony Weiner is a dumb ass.  We knew this long before his recent history making revelations.  However, now we know about his history making revelations.

And, if you have any kind of sense of humor, his history making revelations are hilarious.

Just the kind of story for Jon.

But Anthony is a friend.  And so Jon let him off.

Jon Stewart claims he’s a comedian and that he just makes fun of the political theater in front of him.  But he doesn’t.

He had The Weiner in his sights.  And he blinked.

He’s a good friend.  But he’s not just a “political comedian” either.


I get it,  I do.  I get the idea that we wanna be able to choose for ourselves the risks we face each day.  At some point, the danger of NOT doing is greater than the actual doing.

The freedom of experience is almost always a significant amount of the joy.

But dang!

ONONDAGA, N.Y. — Police say a motorcyclist participating in a protest ride against helmet laws in upstate New York died after he flipped over the bike’s handlebars and hit his head on the pavement.

Troopers say Contos hit his brakes and the motorcycle fishtailed. The bike spun out of control, and Contos toppled over the handlebars. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Note to Leftists: Just because it’s a good idea does not make it just a-ok to legislate!

Actions Have Consequences

I really enjoy chess.  Well, actually, I wish I really enjoyed chess.  In reality, I’m a horrible chess player; and I know why.

I think the reason I’m such a poor player is that I’m a “selfish” or “arrogant” player.  That is, I assume my opponent will play as I would.  Therefore, when I create my strategy and begin to implement it, I fail to take into account that as the board changes, my opponent is going to react and change his behavior.

I’ve never overcome this failing of mine.  So I lose.

And because I lose, I rarely play.

I can take heart that others face the same challenges.  However, that comfort can also cause great concern.

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Light Rail: Seattle, WA

Light-rail and high-speed trains have long been the darling of the Left.  If some local or state government can come up with a plan to build trains, the Left is only TOO anxious to deliver the money.

Rail corridor between Raleigh and DC? Done!

Charlotte and Atlanta?  Done!

Roanoke and Durham. Done!

I admit that I’m flummoxed by this fixation.  But let’s take a look:

The idea is based on two angles:

  1. If we can move more people from here to there on a train, we’ll decrease the amount of fossil fuel burned.
  2. It creates jobs.

How much of this is true?  And to the extent that it IS true, what price are people willing to pay?

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Anything I Can Do You Can Do Better…

Wait – wait.  That’s not how that goes.  Not at all.

However, for this purpose, it provides an interesting illustration.

For example, consider two bills:


Raleigh, N.C. — Businesses, cities and counties in North Carolina are going to have to start checking the immigration status of new hires.

Gov. Beverly Perdue on Thursday signed into law a bill directing employers to use the federal government’s E-Verify system to prevent illegal immigrants from landing jobs. The legislation makes exceptions for companies that employ fewer than 25 people or which use seasonal workers.

Then, the other:


Gov. Bev Perdue has vetoed a controversial proposal to require voters to show photo ID at the polls.

Her statement:

“The right to choose our leaders is among the most precious freedoms we have – both as Americans and North Carolinians. North Carolinians who are eligible to vote have a constitutionally guaranteed right to cast their ballots, and no one should put up obstacles to citizens exercising that right.

Get that?

If you are a business and wanna  hire someone, you have to check and verify valid ID and legal status.

If you are a government and wanna protect the right that thousands have died to protect – not so ‘effin much.

The way of the Leftist ya’ll, the way of the Leftist.