Warren Buffet – Taxes – Patriotic Millionaires

One of the most tired old lines that Democrats trot out when it comes to taxes and the very rich is Warren Buffet’s claim that his secretary pays more in taxes than he does. A statement, of course, that is as silly as it is insulting.

Knowing this, it should be no surprise that Mr. Buffet is a member of The Patriotic Millionaires. This is a group of people who make or are worth a million bucks AND feel that the tax rate they pay is simply too low. They love to sing that they are willing to pay more in taxes.

My response?

So pay the damn money!

If those individuals feel that they aren’t paying enough, there are forms on the IRS website that they can download that will allow them to contribute to the government that amount of money they feel they are inappropriately being allowed to keep. However, when presented this fact, they throw up their hands and make the point that “it doesn’t work unless we ALL contribute! It requires ALL of us to pay more.”

What this means, of course, is that what this group of people REALLY wants is for someone ELSE to pay more in taxes.

Leftists are Leftists whether they be poor or rich. The best thing to do is remains far away from them as possible.

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  1. I think they want to make sure others are forced to pay their fair share rather than just them. That’s really the only way to significantly raise revenues. So yes, they want others to pay too — they believe that others should contribute to solving this crisis, not just them. If I were in their shoes, I’d do the same thing.

    Let’s say you’re a member of a club and there is a plan to replace an old club meeting house. You say, “gee, if we increase our dues by $5 a month, we’ll have enough to build and make payments on the replacement. Let’s vote to increase our dues.” The idea is voted down. “We don’t want to pay more,” one other club member says, “but if you do, we’ll gladly accept your money and use it as the club sees fit.” Would you pay more while the others don’t?

    • I think they want to make sure others are forced to pay their fair share rather than just them. That’s really the only way to significantly raise revenues.

      So then they should say that. They should represent that what they REALLY want s for someone ELSE to pay more taxes. ‘Cause if they wanted to, they could.

      Would you pay more while the others don’t?

      I might say that we should quit eating cake and going to circuses; that’ll save us $15 a month.

      I get the point, but they should represent that they want everyone to pay more. Not represent this selfless view that they are willing to sacrifice if poor ‘ol Obama would just pass the bill.

  2. Scott ,

    The question of why a rich person reaches a point in his life and is suddenly for higher taxes is quite simple . They want to block the rise of any person coming behind them . Think about it. They are not for taxes when they are building their fortune . Once they have it their need for income is lower . They do not advocate a wealth tax, just an income tax .

    If you are rich , the less company you have the better . You sure do not want the vulgar nouveau riche bidding up the price of your caviar. If you were rich during the depression , your money for luxuries, power, and even charity to buy your way into heaven went further .

    Also it has been shown that over taxing the rich means that their capital goes into tax avoidance and not into productive pursuits .Every place that tries it suffers . Great Britain pre Thatcher. Post Thatcher for that matter . Caleefornia, post WW11.

  3. That’s silly — you really think Warren Buffet is trying to stifle competitors by thinking taxes should be slightly higher? Really? You realize, Alan, that at some point such rhetoric gets so silly it can’t be taken seriously.

    I certainly don’t want to over tax anyone, including the rich. No one is arguing for pre-Thatcher tax rates (well some people may be, but I’m not). In fact, Obama’s proposals are for rates significantly lower than Reagan’s rates, and even Ronald Reagan thought those were fair.

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