WCPSS: Diversity

The advocates of the Diversity policy in Wake County have lost an advocate.

Since I became interested in the debate, I have sided with the folks who were in favor of using socio-economic diversity when planning assignments in WCPSS.  I am pretty much in favor of using any tool in a tool box to fix a problem.  And I think the data supports the fact that when a school is becomes “too poor” it tips.

And achievement suffers.

But like any tool, it has its uses and limitations.  It isn’t the only one in thew box and it certainly isn’t the best one to use in all cases.  There is much to be said about class sizes, curriculum, Unions and allocation of funds.

But in its proper context, the Diversity argument holds water; it’s sound and it’s valid.

And I think the current board is wrong as they work to dismantle the policy.

However, I disagree with them, I do NOT hold the belief that they are working to re-institute segregation, that they are racist or that the NAACP needs to be involved.  In fact, by taking part in such dialogue pushes me AWAY from the debate and not towards it.

I’m tired of race being thrown around.  I’m tired of people who disagree with Democrats being labeled racist.  I’m tired of a certain group’s accusations that by disagreeing with them, we are somehow denigrating them.  And while it’s not enough to knock me off my view, it IS enough to give me pause to associate with that movement.

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