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Impact of Minimum Wage: Black Teens

Last month I posted about the minimum wage and it’s impact on teens.  Back then, I commented on how a post by Mark Perry over at Carpe Diem pushed me to finish my data analysis.

The results were drastic.  And now, I wanna show the same analysis but for black teens in America.

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Arizona Lawsuit Backlash

There can only be one reason why Obama is suing Arizona:  To win votes in upcoming elections.

The law is wildly popular.  It mirrors Federal law except when it comes to profiling.  Arizona restricts it.  The Feds don’t.

But whatever the reason, it’s becoming increasingly clear to Americans that Obama is more concerned with his image than he is with fixing the problems facing the nation.

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A Misguided Solution to Immigration

We all know there is a problem with immigration in America.  Specifically, a problem with folks coming across our Southern border.

Okay, so, got it.  Problem.


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North Carolina High Speed Rail

North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue recently Tweeted on a blog entry regarding North Carolina High Speed rail:

Today, NCDOT’s Rail Division officially received the first $20.3 million of the $545 million allocated to our state for high-speed rail improvements under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. North Carolina was granted the sixth highest award to any state as part of President Obama’s high-speed rail plan, demonstrating the growing strength of our rail program.

Jeez.  Here we go…

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The Changing Face of Labor in China

Slave wages in putrid working conditions.  That’s China.  Right?

If you think so, your opinion is shared by many American’s.  And it’s wrong.

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Two Big Democratic Seats Could Be In Trouble

I’ve been tracking the Senate races here.  Many races are tight, some are blow-outs.  But it sure has been fun to watch.

Through it all, I have been sure that California and Wisconsin would hold serve for the Democrats.  Barbara Boxer in California is wildly popular as is Feingold in Wisconsin.

However, things might be changin’!

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July 12, 2010: Chance of Recession in the Next 12 Months — 00.122%

For the 23rd consecutive month, the NY Fed says that the chance of recession in the next 12 months is under 1%.  However, for only the second time in 8 months has that value gone up.

The Twins have a better chance of winning the, um, of winning the, jeez, of winning the Division than we have of going into recession in the next 12 months.

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The Beginning to the End of Social Security

The idea that the State should care for us and our retirement more than we ourselves care about our retirement is slowly coming to an end; thankfully.

For many folks, Social Security has become “Retirement”.  They plan on it, rely on it and use it as their only means of income after retirement.  And THAT’S a mistake.  Both for the individual and for the government.

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Some Notes on Chance of Recession

Last month, I posted the NY Fed’s “Chance of Recession” spread.  It’s a fun little chart that shows the chance that our economy will be in recession in the next 12 months.  It’s SUPER fun now because the value is about as low as it’s ever been; 00.041%.

TJIC called shenanigans:

So you think that the chance of a recession is 200:1 against?

Tell you what, I’ll offer you great odds – 100:1 (that’s twice what the data suggests).

Good point.

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The Free Market Unleashes Untold Millions

I recently posted that the free market and competition will save consumers $462,000,000 per year.  Turns out I was wrong.

It could be closer to $1,709,400,000.

Per year.

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