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More On Airlines Saving Money

Last I spoke about airlines I discussed the fact that we are seeing such problems is because we consumers are what folks often call “greedy.”

 Now I’m sure that we’re gonna get the usual hand-wring about greedy airlines and all sorts of nonsense about corporate profits.  But what we DON’T point out is the insatiable greed of the consumer.  It’s the consumer that has this never ending desire to find the absolute cheapest fare on the internet.  What with Orbitz, Amazon, Expedia and everything, the consumer is driving the airlines to produce the lowest possible basic fare so that they appear near the top in search windows.

Airlines are trying to make a buck in the same way that all companies are trying to make a buck.  Your company tries to make a profit.  The company you work for tries to make a profit.  Heck, even you as a family unit tries to make a profit.  You hope that your income is more than your expenses.  And one way to do this is to reduce your expenses.

Turns out that airlines are doing just that.  Doing that by getting rid of the old and ushering in the new: via Carpe Diem

Singapore-based Scoot Airlines is ripping out aircraft entertainment systems weighing more than two tons to save fuel, and instead offering Apple iPads to passengers, loaded with movies, music, games and television shows. It eventually intends to have users access content via a wireless system onboard planes.
Offering iPads helped the carrier cut 7% off the weight of planes and cope with fuel prices that have jumped about 36% in two years. The budget carrier will  offer the iPads free to passengers in its business-class seat and  will charge economy passengers $17 per trip to rent the tablets.

By saving money the airline is actually saving the consumer money AND increasing their inflight experience.


Testing iPad Posting

My wife recently recieved her iPad 2 in the mail. That means her old iPad goes to me. I’m trying to see if this thing can replace a laptop for blogging.

So far so good. The interface is intuitive and easy; even fun.

Now, lets see if I can insert an image.


Okay…..so that was easy’ish however, I get the feeling that I just published the post without wanting to be done.

Okay, now I’ gonna try and link a site:

Hmmmm….no joy.

It seems that I am posting in HTML mode and would need to be ble to “code” the hyperlink. Not an insurmountable problem but not as easy as it should be.

Now to try and try fonts.


Again, no joy.

If I wana include such fonts, I would have to code them as well. Not such a good feature.

Now, to be fair, this is the WordPress App. I think WordPress needs to do more work on this, not Apple. The other missing feature is it’s missing Apple’s real time spell check and auto-cap feature. Big dissatisfier. Oh, and the double tap period applicator. Boo.

I’ll next try to post from the native website and not the app. We’ll see if that’sany better. Or worse.

The Free Market Unleashes Untold Millions

I recently posted that the free market and competition will save consumers $462,000,000 per year.  Turns out I was wrong.

It could be closer to $1,709,400,000.

Per year.

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Competition Saves Americans $462,000,000

And that’s just in the next year. It could even be more.

As more and more corporations are catching onto the fact that American’s wanna spend money on portable book readers, they are working as fast as they can to add features and portability all the while slashing prices.

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