Arizona Lawsuit Backlash

There can only be one reason why Obama is suing Arizona:  To win votes in upcoming elections.

The law is wildly popular.  It mirrors Federal law except when it comes to profiling.  Arizona restricts it.  The Feds don’t.

But whatever the reason, it’s becoming increasingly clear to Americans that Obama is more concerned with his image than he is with fixing the problems facing the nation.

The problem with Obama’s strategy?  It’s backfiring.  As a result of his lawsuit, more people are rallying to the cause of Arizona, not less.  More and more people are leaving Obama, not joining him.  And, AND, he’s losing the demographic that got him elected; the Independent vote.  And he’s losing it fast.

But more than that, I think that people are gaining the courage to speak out directly against the administration:

The Justice Department’s lawsuit against Arizona’s controversial immigration law won’t stop Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart’s campaign to bring a similar law to Virginia.

“I hope the Justice Department sues Virginia, as well,” he said. “I hope they have so many targets that they are unable to focus on Arizona. . . . Every state that supports Arizona should implement a similar law to make it impossible for the [federal government] to focus on any one state or jurisdiction.”

Get that?  He’s openly advocating the Justice Department to sue his state.


Prince William [County] has received national attention for its crackdown on illegal immigration. The county’s law, enacted in 2007 and modified in 2008, requires that police officers check the immigration status of all people arrested on suspicion of violating a state or local law.

Again, see that?  There are localities other than Arizona that have similar laws doing similar things.

This isn’t working out for Obama.  But he’s too stubborn to change course.

Which, of course, means the country will have to change it for him.

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