Taxes Up or Taxes Down – Pick One

Lot’s of talk about taxes.  Mostly it was last year during the Lame Duck session, but with the State of the Union coming up, we’re back to talking about ’em again.

It seems, normally I suppose, that folks are divided as to whether or not tax increases create or destroy jobs.  Or, in the inverse, do tax cuts creats jobs or not.

It’s an interesting debate.  But for another time.

I wanna suggest that until the actual vote to make ’em permanent takes place, it doesn’t matter.

Consider this:

Let’s say you’re in Vegas.  Standing at a table.  Dice in hand.

And the table tells you that if you put your chip on “Gamble A” you could win 10% of your money or lose 10% of your bet.

“Gamble B”, not so much.  You won’t get to find out the winnings or losings for another 30 seconds.  You COULD win 50% and only lose 15%.  Or, or, you could win 5% and lose 5%.  You just don’t know.  And won’t.  For 30 seconds.

Whatcha gonna do?

Bet on A and roll ’em?  Maybe bet on B?  Or, might you take the very reasonable option of waiting 30 seconds before bettin’ on either?

Now substitute bettin’ with investin’ and chips with jobs.

Would YOU risk hiring someone without knowing that the cost of employing that person may or may not go up?  Or even down?  Might not you wait to find out?

I would.

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