Shooting Themselves In The Foot: Hope It Hurts Edition


THAT is what we stand for.

Or, at least, what we should stand for.

Which makes me cringe and cry out in frustration when the Right is wrong.

We hammer the Left when they implement legislation that robs us of our Liberty.  When they take from us the very basic promises that we were given in the founding documents.

And, then, when standing on the precipice of the mountain we fought to win, they ignore the fight, they ignore the battle and succumb to the same failed concepts we hoped they would defeat.

And so it is that Republicans are failing us again – and already:

A bitter dispute over whether a gay conservative group should co-sponsor the conservative movement’s largest gathering of the year has led some prominent supporters to withdraw from the event next month.

some conservative pillars, including church-based groups like the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America and Liberty University and others like the Heritage Foundation, are refusing to participate. They are angry that the gay organization, GOProud, has been given a seat at the planning table. These groups are implacable opponents of same-sex marriage, which they say GOProud implicitly endorses by saying that the question should be left to the states.

At least one reputed presidential hopeful, Senator Jim DeMint, Republican of South Carolina, has also declined to attend, expressing support for the boycotters.

The idea that a Conservative in today’s world would exclude a group of people for individual beliefs from normal governmental inclusion is UNacceptable.

Don’t like gay folks?


Don’t think they should get married?


Don’t wanna vote for a gay guy to be your elected official?


Exclude them from the political process because you don’t agree with their lifestyle?

Definitely NOT fine.

Damn it!

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