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War on Drugs

I think that I’ve come a long way on this issue.  For ever I have been the guy that says all drugs should be illegal and remain illegal.  When I was  asked about marijuana I remained adamant; “No way”!

Over the years I think that I’ve developed a new attitude, one more consistent with my Libertarian views and perhaps older age.  I find myself in changing existing laws to allow the use of certain drugs and to decriminalize the use of others.

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The Impact of Obama's Health Care Reform

Obama was right.  The health care industry needed, and still does need, reform.  Many many aspects of the industry are languishing under bad laws, bad incentives and bad practices.  We all need to understand that and move forward in some form of meaningful reform.  And there are ways to do it.  And there are ways NOT to do it.

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Barack Obama: Now an Official Idiot

The absolute absurdity of our President has been reaffirmed today.  The man is a walking example of everything that is wrong with our politic today.  Uninformed and uncaring about how systems should actually work, Barack just meanders through his version of public opinion and attached unto the vein of the populist.

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BJ Lawson

We have a great chance here to make a difference.  Mr. Lawson is running for the seat currently held by David Price here in North Carolina’s 4th district.

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Senate Race 2010: V

Tonight looks like a good night to update some of the races.

Let’s look at the first group; Retiring Democrats

State Inc Party R-Candidate D-Candidate Leader Spread
CT D McMahon Blumenthol D 22
DE D Castle Open R 20
IL D Kirk Giannoulias R 5
ND D Hoevan Open R 24
IN D Coats Ellsworth R 12

I have moved the Indiana race to retiring Democrats; Mr. Bayh retired.  Not much has changed since last time I posted except that McMahon has slipped and Castle has surged.

Based on this and restarting the count we have the Republicans gaining 4 seats.

Score:  Democrats 55 Republicans 45

Not bad.

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This is Why I Got Out of Teaching

Look.  It’s hard out there right now.  Lot’s of people are struggling, concerned and sacrificing.  Many people are losing or have lost their job.  And I feel for all of ’em.

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My Thoughts Exactly

Listen.  Carefully.  I don’t like Obama!  You’re shocked, I know.

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A Good Day That Could Have Been Better

Browsing the news last night and stumbled on this really feel good story.

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Where Brad and Britt Are Wrong: Version III

Brad and Britt.  Gotta love ’em.  Even when they are wrong, ya gotta love ’em.

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4000 Today

We were stuck on 3999 for most of the morning.  Imagine my surprise to see 4000 after the kids went to bed.

48 days this time ’round.

Whoo whoo