My Thoughts Exactly

Listen.  Carefully.  I don’t like Obama!  You’re shocked, I know.

But he is President of the United States of America.  And when a member of the Supreme Court decides to retire, the President gets to decide who is the nominee.  Period.

Looking back this has been true for Republicans as well as Democrats.  And will be true moving forward as well.  It’s how the system works.  And so far, the system seems to work.

So.  Republicans should quit whining about his choice, Elana Kagan.  Does she have flaws?  Yup.  Would I ever nominate her?  Never ever.  Do we have valid reasons for feeling she’s unqualified?  Without a doubt.


  1. Obama will never nominate someone we would approve of.  Thats the nature of this thing.
  2. If we ARE going to attack Hagan, we should do it on the merits-not this made up bullshit we’re trottin’ out.

TJIC sums it up perfectly:

All of which is not to say that I think that Kagan is a great choice. She’s a leftist; she’s going to push decisions to the left.

I just think that the two primary attacks we’re hearing are bogus.

But really, don’t take my word for it, go read the whole thing.

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