A Good Day That Could Have Been Better

Browsing the news last night and stumbled on this really feel good story.

Turns out, there ARE decent people in the world:

RICHLAND, Wash.- A worker at a furniture liquidation business found bundles of cash hidden in the back of an armoire.

The owners of the company, Liz and Mark Thompson of ET Estate Sales & Liquidation, traced the furniture to an estate sale and were able to return $20,000 to the family of the owner.

Awesome.  Can you imagine?  Working in a furniture restoration shop and finding 20 large?  And returning it?  Wow.

Then  got to thinking, why is there 20k in the back of an armoire?

her husband stashed the money years ago because he distrusted the banking system.

If her husband put that money back there even just 10 years ago, he coulda’ gotten an $12,940 by trusting that bank.

Just sayin’.

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