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Elections Have Consequences

More and more the election of 2010 is proving to beneficial to the Republicans.  Not only did it take away the 60 vote majority that allowed the Democrats to pass any political agenda they desired, but it also gave the House of Representatives to the Republicans.  Suddenly the Democrats were faced with having to compromise if they wanted to pass an agenda.

Gone were the antagonistic and obnoxious divisive attitudes of the new President and his lieutenants.  Gone were the days of Obama snidely remarking:

“Well, we won.”

Yes, the 2010 elections were great just because of that.  But now were seeing even more.  We’re seeing a nation with more Republican governors.  We’re seeing the awesome work that Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin.  We’re seeing the similar work that Ohio is doing, and Florida.  Further, the state elected officials were impacted as well.  Gone were the days of a North Carolina State House being dominated by Democrats.  For the first time in 140 years the Senate and the House are controlled by Republicans.

And now, in the election of 2012, we’re seeing the benefit of that.  We’re seeing congressman decline to run:

Washington — Thirteenth District Congressman Brad Miller said Thursday that he will not run for re-election.

The five-term member of the U.S. House said North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature “dismantled” his district when they redrew voting maps in July.

The new maps put Miller into the 4th District with political ally and fellow Democrat David Price. Miller said he didn’t want to run against Price.

Republicans are drawing election maps.  And those maps no longer favor generations of democrats.  They are now favoring Republicans.  And high time.



North Carolina 4th

Big BIG news in North Carolina.

See, there is a guy in the United States House of Representatives that votes with Nancy Pelosi.  A lot.  I mean, a REAL lot.

Like 98.9% of the time David Price votes with Nancy Pelosi. That means that we have a member of Congress in our District voting as if he had the interests of California at heart.  CALIFORNIA!

David Price has got to go!

And some good news:

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BJ Lawson

We have a great chance here to make a difference.  Mr. Lawson is running for the seat currently held by David Price here in North Carolina’s 4th district.

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United States House: North Carolina

North Carolina had her primaries yesterday.  While there were many races, I was really only concerned with one:  District 4.  This race featured BJ Lawson and Frank Roche.  Both candidates are strong and I would be happy with either one.  However, I was pulling for Mr. Lawson to pull it out.  And he did:

District 4 Primary

We now have until November to get him packing for Washington.

However, there are several other races that have my interest too:

2nd District:  Seat held by Bob Etheridge

4th District:  Seat held by David Price

13th District:  Seat held by Brad Miller

There are other seats held by Democrats, but many of those representatives have a more conservative vein in ’em and really, I would rather focus on the largest of the Leftists.

Let’s see what we can do to get these guys out of office!

Now Who?

While this news doesn’t take me by surprise, I am sorry to lose a guy like Lawson.  As far as I know, Lawson was a Libertarian running under the banner of the Republicans.  I thought that Lawson was a fine candidate in his own right and deserved to hold the seat no matter who was sitting there now.  But with Rep. Price sitting there, we really need someone to come along and offer Change We Can Believe In.

I have been trying to get Rep Price to clarify his position on the Health Care bill moving through the House.  I can’t do it.  His staff at all of his offices ware very vague when asked about his position.  As far as answering me:

I have not talked to Congressman Price in person.  I would not want to speak for him.

Now, with the recess in progress, I have been asking if he is going to hold any Town Halls.  As always, I am referred to his website.

It will be updated with any information.


When new information is made available.

Do you think that he is going to conduct a Town Hall meeting?

I don’t know, I am not sure.  But I think that he is talking about having a Town Hall conducted over the phone.

It is the same attitudes and non-answers when I ask for more detailed information on the specifics of the bill.  For example, where does he stand on single payer?  Where does the Congressman stand on the thought of denying private plans if I want to change plans?  I get sent to the website.  From there I am able to e-mail the Congressman.  However, when you do go and send this “e-mail” you are simply sent the blurb that was the non helpful information on the website.


We really need to see someone run and win against this man.