Now Who?

While this news doesn’t take me by surprise, I am sorry to lose a guy like Lawson.  As far as I know, Lawson was a Libertarian running under the banner of the Republicans.  I thought that Lawson was a fine candidate in his own right and deserved to hold the seat no matter who was sitting there now.  But with Rep. Price sitting there, we really need someone to come along and offer Change We Can Believe In.

I have been trying to get Rep Price to clarify his position on the Health Care bill moving through the House.  I can’t do it.  His staff at all of his offices ware very vague when asked about his position.  As far as answering me:

I have not talked to Congressman Price in person.  I would not want to speak for him.

Now, with the recess in progress, I have been asking if he is going to hold any Town Halls.  As always, I am referred to his website.

It will be updated with any information.


When new information is made available.

Do you think that he is going to conduct a Town Hall meeting?

I don’t know, I am not sure.  But I think that he is talking about having a Town Hall conducted over the phone.

It is the same attitudes and non-answers when I ask for more detailed information on the specifics of the bill.  For example, where does he stand on single payer?  Where does the Congressman stand on the thought of denying private plans if I want to change plans?  I get sent to the website.  From there I am able to e-mail the Congressman.  However, when you do go and send this “e-mail” you are simply sent the blurb that was the non helpful information on the website.


We really need to see someone run and win against this man.

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