Monthly Archives: April 2010

So Much For The GM Love

So the other day I gushed about my man crush with GM.  I love Chevy and have always rooted against Ford.  But with the government bailout of GM and the destruction of 100 year old bankruptcy law by the administration, I left my love on the side of the road and embraced Ford.

I was only too happy to have GM pay back their money.

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I call BS. Clear case of marginal value. In this case an employee would receive a discount on auto parts.

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Gangsta' Government?

For all the flap surrounding the Gangster Government it might just turn out to be the most appropriate description of Chicago gone DC yet.  How so?  Turns out the shamed Illinois Govn’a, Rod Blagojevich, has issued a subpoena to…..

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In A Stunning Reversal

So, how many of ya’ll thought that Obama’s health care bill was gonna reduce costs?  Reduce prices [you DO know the difference, right?] or even reduce the budget/deficit/debt?


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Me and Liberals: Finally Agree

It occurred to me the other night that there is no way, simply no possible way, that two people disagree on every single thing.  So I started to try to think of a case where a Liberal and I might agree.

I found it.

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Expect The Same "Success" As Cash For Clunkers

We have needed a new washing machine for about 8 months now.  It’s old, grumpy and just doesn’t do the job I want it to do.  Normally, I would have bought one about 6 months ago.  But when there is “Obama money” to be had, I’ll wait the extra 6 months.

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More On Human Rights

Just to demonstrate how silly the concept of Liberty and Natural Human Rights has become, the EU brings us to a whole new level.

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Ford vs. Chevy

Finally!  I can go back to rooting for my old favorite.  GM was able to pay back their loan from Uncle Sam nearly 5 years early.

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Senate Race 2010: IV

Some time I ago I ran a series on the Senate Races.  There are 4 categories.  They are:

  1. Retiring Democrats
  2. Retiring Republicans
  3. Democratic Term
  4. Republican Term

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Follow The Money

Wanna see why people are getting elected?  Wanna see who they think they work for?

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