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Forgive Me

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t approve of your solution to government incompetence is to give more power to the government to wreck my life:

The gunman who slaughtered 26 people at a Texas church was able to buy weapons because the Air Force failed to report his domestic violence conviction to the federal database that is used to conduct background checks on would-be gun purchasers, authorities said Monday.

Federal officials said the Air Force didn’t submit Devin Patrick Kelley’s criminal history even though it was required to do so by Pentagon rules.

Kelley, 26, was found guilty of assault in an Air Force court-martial in 2012 for abusing his wife and her child and was given 12 months’ confinement followed by a bad-conduct discharge in 2014. That same year, authorities said, he bought the first of four weapons.

Under Pentagon rules, information about convictions of military personnel for crimes like assault should be submitted to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Investigation Services Division.

Because you suck at what you do you want me to give you more power to suck at what you do?  I think I’ll pass on enabling your suckiness.

Health Care Programs: Missing The Real Cost

This past week the CBO announced that Obama care, when costed out over a 10 year period that was different than the 10 year period when it was voted on, will cost more than originally stated.  For many, this comes as no surprise.  The fact that government programs cost more than originally stated isn’t anything new, in fact, it’s been going on for decades:

Only 1 of the programs above managed to come even close to half of the real cost; Medicare Catastrophic coverage.  And THAT program was eliminated before it took effect.

The CBO is estimating the last year of the measurable ten to cost nearly $265 billion.  If we average the misses from the above program we can expect that last year to really cost $1.8 trillion alone.

Home Values: Government Regulation Doesn’t Work

Government has no place in the market.  In so much that the government needs to spend money on things that constitute the proper role of government, there is nothing that the State does that is expressly efficient.

The State is unable to address the needs and/or wants of the populace well enough to signal an efficient use of scare resources; resources that have alternative uses.  The government can, by force of gun or sword, dictate where money is spent, to be sure.  But that government has neither the ability or will to intuit that “will of the people who is the mark of a dynamic market.

What does this mean?

It means the government is incapable of spending your money better than you are.

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Government Regulation and Licensing

I recently posted about my experience with plumbers and gutter guys.  I discovered that plumbers were horrible at communicating, showing up on time, being proactive and delivering.  Gutter guys, on the other hand, not only call ahead to confirm appointments, show up 5-10 minutes early and deliver quotes on time.  They also include the added benefit of bringing the beer.

Hard to beat.

Both professions are being hammered by the recession.  And you can make the argument that the gutter guy is hit harder; his is a discretionary expense.  Both need the work and as groups, should be equally motivated.  They weren’t.

My conclusion?

One is a licensed and regulated industry.  The other isn’t.

But isn’t government regulation necessary in certain industries?

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Backwards Scare Tactics

I see it all the time.

North Carolina has massive budget shortfall.   Highways to major area hospitals to close!

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Right Question. Wrong Time. Bad Indication.

In my line of work I out a lot of fires.  For many many years, I was on call 7 by 24.  7 days a week.  I took my laptop with me to the beach for 9 days when I got married.  My daughter was 14 days old when we went to the hospital with her; I was on the phone with a client during her stay.

Pino knows crisis.

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So Much For The GM Love

So the other day I gushed about my man crush with GM.  I love Chevy and have always rooted against Ford.  But with the government bailout of GM and the destruction of 100 year old bankruptcy law by the administration, I left my love on the side of the road and embraced Ford.

I was only too happy to have GM pay back their money.

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Gangsta' Government?

For all the flap surrounding the Gangster Government it might just turn out to be the most appropriate description of Chicago gone DC yet.  How so?  Turns out the shamed Illinois Govn’a, Rod Blagojevich, has issued a subpoena to…..

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How To Sell Less Beer: And Lose Money Doing It

Okay, so, let’s say we own a bar.  And we sell, among other things, beer.  And we need the revenue we bring in from the sale of beer to buy things we like, need and want.  Here is how you DON’T increase that revenue.

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I HATE Airline Delays

Serious.  I absolutely hate it when we board the plans, taxi some and then have to wait on the tarmac.  I hate it for three reasons:

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