Backwards Scare Tactics

I see it all the time.

North Carolina has massive budget shortfall.   Highways to major area hospitals to close!

Governments don’t do what we do.

When the Pino household faces a budget shortfall we never go out and increase revenue.  Our jobs are relatively stable and don’t lend themselves to “on demand raises”.  What we do here is reduce spending.

We make a list of all the things we spend on.

Then we rank that list, most important on top and least important most discretionary on the bottom.

We flip the list and begin looking at the top 2 or 3 line items to force a cut.

Very easy.

Wanna know how the government does it? Via TJIC

Government Marketting

As TJIC so succinctly put it:

No, we never do those things.

We always talk about firing the crossing guards, so that kindergartners will be run over by delivery trucks.

They wanna remain in power folks.  They don’t wanna govern.

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