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State Of Occupy Wall Street – Raleigh Style

Occupy RaleighThought I’d slum it tonight and wander through the Occu-camp.

Not surprising.  They Gone.

Policy or philosophy differences aside, the effectiveness of the Tea Party compared to the efforts of a bunch of vagrant criminals.  One group is shaping national legislation, the other is “taking too long to respond.”

Occupy Raleigh: Good Riddance

After months of camping downtown Raleigh and presenting an eyesore to the whole community, Occupy Raleigh has reached the end of its run.  No longer able to make the rent payments, the landlord informed the group that they would have to vacate Monday, May 7th.

The camp was a permanent presence for a number of months.  As such, it acquired a significant amount of “stuff.”  Stuff that had to be removed.  And for THAT to happen, people had to show up to assist.

I so enjoyed the response:

I’m curious about times to accomplish each of the daily tasks.  I have finals on Friday the 4th and Monday the 7th and I work in the evenings.  Other than that, I may be able to help out some during the day.  I definitely want to be there for the 12th event. =)


Sorry that I can’t help today, Jim. My low back muscles are tweaked to the max.  :(

Going to lay here and read Zinn today, and hope to be back on my feet soon to help out.


Nice, Dee!

I can probably help with reseeding on the 12th but that’s about it.


I am tied up with work but perhaps at some point on Sunday I can help. There isn’t much I can do about that.


I’m on light duty due to my surgery last week.  But, I’ll be there Sat after 1:00 to help sort or haul small items.  I’ll bring some heavy duty contractor garbage bags.

When it’s time/clear enough please post this milestone… then I’ll try to come up with some plantings


I am laid up with my back after working on the Camp Wednesday. Looks like Tayloe and I are in the same boat!!!! I plan on being there on Sunday to do whatever I can as long as no lifting is invloved. What time do you plan on going on Sunday?


I feel awful I couldn’t be there to help today.  I  am at my sister’s for my mom’s birthday and working at the same time.


I am so sorry but I was so hoping I would feel well enought to be there today, but my back is worse and I seem to have a touch of what seems to be food poisining or a flu bug. I feel terrible for bailing on you all.


All of these people so engaged in the movement, yet when it comes time to sacrifice and work…..roaches in the sun.  This might be why these people feel society has left them behind.

Because we have.  I am only so willing to labor extra hard to carry the moochers and the looters.

More Occupy Raleigh Cuteness

This afternoon Occupy Raleigh #Occupied a house that had been foreclosed on where the former owner had maintained residence.

Many were arrested.

The usual story applies.

What struck me were these two comments:

Todd Warren, an Occupy organizer from Greensboro, said the group thinks Nikki Shelton is one of more than 10 families in the neighborhood who face illegal foreclosure. The protesters say they’ve uncovered “evidence of robo-signing,” the practice where mortgage servicers sign documents without reading them.

“Housing is a human right,” Warren said. “We’re not going to let people be put out of their homes while banks make record profit.”

To be honest, if the families are being evicted from their homes illegally, I support holding the banks accountable.  But the idea that “housing is a human right” is patently absurd.  There can be nothing that is a human right that requires another man do anything in order to secure that right.

And then this statement:

Shelton, who was not among those arrested Monday, stood solemnly in the sun outside her former home during the protest.

“This is my civil right to fight to get my home back,” she said. “It’s not us who are the ones doing anything against the law.”

It’s her civil right to get her home back.  A home that she hasn’t been able to pay for.  A home, that since 2007, she hasn’t paid for, is hers.  And that denying her that home is somehow denying her civil rights.


An Open Letter To Occupy Raleigh

I want to be very clear; I openly mock the Occupy movement.

There isn’t one single characteristic about #OWS that distinguishes it from any other leftist movement.  Listening to the rhetoric coming from Occupy you would not be able to identify whether or not your are listening to:

  1. A Greenpeace protest to save seals in Greenland.
  2. A university protest to bring attention to the wages of house keepers on campus.
  3. NAACP protests concerned about the treatment of an individual.
  4. A communist party meeting discussing the evils of profits.

There is nothing that distinguishes you from anything that we’ve already seen.

It’s anger unleashed on the world with no discernible focus.  There is no clear indication that you have a point.

You are open to mockery.

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Occupy Raleigh: Gone Galt

Earlier this month I posted on the frustration of certain members of Occupy Raleigh.  It seemed that the “1%” of the movement was beginning to get fed up with the “99%.”

To those of you who continue to complain, and whine, and bitch, and moan about the camp – just fucking stop. We are all tired of hearing it. If you have a problem at the camp, come fix it. I can not fix everything myself. Jes can not fix everything herself. Thomas can not fix everything by himself. Nor can Charles, Susie, or any of the other people who do put an effort in.

In some ways this Occupy movement is a useful lesson to those involved.  It’s perhaps their first involvement in running an organization.  In generating consensus, in knowing when consensus is a paralyzing goal.  For the first time in life these folks might be managing people.  However, for some of the citizens of this society, enough simply became enough.

They “Gone Galt.”

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Occupy Raleigh: Wherein The Pupil Becomes The Master

Self reflection.  An uncommon ability, to be sure.

I make my way in society by working hard.  I contribute.  I like to think that I go above and beyond.  I give and I give back.  Often.

I understand that even as I benefit from my hard work and sacrifice, I want people to step up and do the same.  If you wanna enjoy the rewards of success, then by gawd, partake of the hardships of the work.

This is the story of the 53%.

And it is delicious irony that the Occupy is just now discovering it.

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Occupy Wall Street: Oakland Style

There can no longer be any doubt that the serious individuals who may have made up any aspect of Occupy have left.  What is left is the professional protester, the anarchist and the anti-capitalist.  These are the people who use violence as an accepted means of normal discourse.

These are the criminals.  These are the fringe.

Label them as damage and route around them: Hat Tip: Ryan Grace

Reporting from Oakland—

Officials surveyed damage Sunday from a volatile Occupy protest that resulted in hundreds of arrests the day before and left the historic City Hall vandalized after demonstrators broke into the building, smashed display cases, cut electrical wires and burned an American flag.

Breaking and entering.  Vandalism.  Burning an American flag.  All the act of a sincere and thinking American to be sure.

And lest you think that this is a splinter group, a few outliers raging under the banner of Occupy, think again:

The Occupy action was publicized by the group as a planned takeover of a vacant building that would be “repurposed” as a “social center, convergence center and headquarters of the Occupy Oakland movement.” In an open letter to Quan on Wednesday, the group warned that if police attempted to thwart the takeover, “indefinite occupation” of Oakland’s airport, port and City Hall could follow.

This is purposeful.  This is deliberate.  This has the forethought of malice.  This is no reasonable objection to the direction of a nation.  This is no willingness to work within the constraints of a system.  This is children.  Children grown up acting like children none the less.

This is Occupy.

Occupy Raleigh Continues To Struggle: Theft And Rent

Occupy in general and Occupy Raleigh continues to struggle.  The message has been lost, the momentum has been dramatically reduced.  The reasonable folks making up the movement have left; we’re left with the rest.

Across the nation we hear of vandalism, rape, murder, trespassing and theft.  The movement is dead.

And here in Raleigh, there are two examples:

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Occupy Raleigh: 100 Days

How quickly 100 days come and then go.  Occupy Raleigh has been downtown at our state’s capital since October 15th, 2011.  They’ve been fighting what some might call a noble fight.  The idea that the American Dream has been taken from us, or that t has been somehow diminished by a subset of people with incredible wealth.  At some level, that rings true; and is noble.

However, from a classic leftist playbook, the Occupy crowd continued to diminish it’s credibility while showing the world it is still nothing more than a fringe group of malcontents:

Raleigh, N.C. — Two Occupy Raleigh protesters were arrested Sunday as the movement marked the 100th day since it began in October.

The group held a march around the State Capitol called “100 Reasons to Demonstrate.”

Two men were taken into custody after they refused to get out of Fayetteville Street, police said. Nicholas Alan Warren Johnson, 25, and John Christopher Pearson, 33, were both charged with impeding the flow of traffic.

March.  Demonstrate.  Say what needs to be said.  But let the world go about its business for the sake of all that’s holy.

There is simply no reason to walk in traffic just to be an ass.

But they do.  And they continue to get arrested.  And they continue to lose the dialogue.  And they continue to just not matter.



Arrests At Occupy Raleigh

Occupy Raleigh welcomed a sister Occupy group today to the City of Oaks; Walkupy.  Together, the two groups planned to march from the Capital to the Occupy Raleigh camp some blocks away.  During the march, 6 or 7 members of Walkupy were arrested:

RALEIGH — Six protesters taking part in an anti-Wall Street march were arrested as they spilled over the sidewalks and into downtown streets late Saturday afternoon.

The group of up to 50 protesters attracted police attention as they chanted and wove through several streets. As the group marched west on Hillsborough Street, police told them to stay on the sidewalks, according to a statement Raleigh police issued tonight.

Police said despite being ordered several times to disperse, some of the group refused. Police said they warned protesters they would be arrested if they didn’t comply.

More and more the Occupy movement is proving itself to be nothing more than some lefty hippie left-over protest group.  More interested in “self” than in goals.  More proud of being arrested than in generating results.

Too bad really  Too bad.