Occupy Raleigh: Wherein The Pupil Becomes The Master

Self reflection.  An uncommon ability, to be sure.

I make my way in society by working hard.  I contribute.  I like to think that I go above and beyond.  I give and I give back.  Often.

I understand that even as I benefit from my hard work and sacrifice, I want people to step up and do the same.  If you wanna enjoy the rewards of success, then by gawd, partake of the hardships of the work.

This is the story of the 53%.

And it is delicious irony that the Occupy is just now discovering it.

See, it turns out that running  a protest requires a little bit of hard work.  And that people are people.  When one person works and sacrifices, others ought do the same.  And if they don’t, maybe they don’t have a right to complain:

To those of you who continue to complain, and whine, and bitch, and moan about the camp – just fucking stop. We are all tired of hearing it. If you have a problem at the camp, come fix it. I can not fix everything myself. Jes can not fix everything herself. Thomas can not fix everything by himself. Nor can Charles, Susie, or any of the other people who do put an effort in.

To the people sitting on the sidelines complaining about shit they don’t even know about, or heard about distorted and thirdhand – it’s ridiculous. You are worse than a bunch of five year olds. Start acting your own age (and yes I have the audacity to say that). Come have a discussion. Have it at the camp. Meet with the people who you apparently think are so vile. Help us work out a solution.

This stupid gossip and banter has to stop. Act like adults. Get your shit together. Everyone is tired of it.

And also, I will not be monitoring this thread religiously. Many campers don’t have the ability to even view the forums. You want a solution, come down and talk with us.

This is from Occupy Raleigh.   Kurt is speaking to the folks who feel the system isn’t working for ’em.  Kurt, it appears, is working hard at the camp, and is tired of the complaints.  He’s tired of working his ass off and getting nothing but jazz from the folks who don’t contribute.

I resonate.

Kurt’s rant is a perfect example of how the 53% feel.

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