North Carolina Toll Road: Winning

Earlier this year North Carolina introduced it’s first toll road; a small little connection between147 and 540.  The first segment planned in the loop.  I’ve been in favor of toll roads because I enjoy two aspects:

  1. I like the payment of thing to be given to the user of a thing.
  2. I like that we can impact traffic flow by raising rates during peaks times.

Taxing the use of a road is a much more efficient way of paying for the road than taxing a kid who mows lawns by taxing gasoline.

So, how is North Carolina’s toll road doing?

Toll road exceeding expectations after first month

Durham, N.C. — Drivers have taken more than 106,000 trips in the Triangle Parkway since the state began collecting tolls on the highway four weeks ago, North Carolina Turnpike Authority officials said Monday.

The trips on the 3.5-mile road, which links Interstate 40 and N.C. Highway 147 in Durham County and N.C. Highway 540 in Wake County, had racked up $46,739 in tolls through Sunday, officials said.

Drivers who use the highway will pay for the highway.  Businesses that use the highway will pass the cost of the use of that highway to the consumers who enjoy the delivery afforded by that highway.

Now to get the legislature to consider reducing the tax on gasoline.

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