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An Open Letter To Occupy Raleigh

I want to be very clear; I openly mock the Occupy movement.

There isn’t one single characteristic about #OWS that distinguishes it from any other leftist movement.  Listening to the rhetoric coming from Occupy you would not be able to identify whether or not your are listening to:

  1. A Greenpeace protest to save seals in Greenland.
  2. A university protest to bring attention to the wages of house keepers on campus.
  3. NAACP protests concerned about the treatment of an individual.
  4. A communist party meeting discussing the evils of profits.

There is nothing that distinguishes you from anything that we’ve already seen.

It’s anger unleashed on the world with no discernible focus.  There is no clear indication that you have a point.

You are open to mockery.

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That’s How Occupy Rolls

The various Occupy movements around the nation claim that they represent the 99% against the 1%.  Yet even as the 99% can’t find a place to sleep while occupying the 1%, they take advantage of those who DO shelter them

I posted some time back about the Occupy vermin who shacked up in a home in Seattle.  They literally thought that this owner owed them the place to crash in.  And destroy.  And be forced to leave.

This movement is not one of accepting lawful understanding of property, of lawful permission to protest or even lawful ability to disrupt traffic.  Rather, this movement is taking pages straight out of the left’s playbook.  Protest.  Get arrested.  Destroy property.  Shout down.  Silence opposing views.

And to demonstrate how far this movement has degraded, they will steal from and desecrate even the churches that shelter them:


A pastor was left outraged after parts of a $12,500 bronze baptismal font went missing from his church sheltering Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Rev. Bob Brashear noticed before Sunday services that parts of the font at West Park Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York, had vanished.

‘It was like p*****g on the 99 per cent,’ he angrily told the 60 protesters who sleep at the church every night, according to the New York Post.

A church who had agreed to shelter the Occupiers found that they very group they offered assistance to, robbed them.   And more than robbed them of “earthly” belongings, robbed them of religious artifacts as well:

The holy water from the River Jordan seemed to have been poured into the base’s bowl from the missing attachment.

It would seem that Occupy couldn’t sink any lower.  Until they did:

Rabbi Chaim Gruber, who was formerly part of the movement, claimed last week that a protester urinated on a cross in a Brooklyn church.

You won’t hear a word of this from the press.  Not a peep.  You won’t see massive segments on CNN like you did when a Christian church threatened to burn the Ko’ran.  But piss on the Christian cross?  Democratic liberal operatives?

Nothing to see here, move on.

Any semblance of a rational and legitimate movement has long ago passed.  The remnants of this group are nothing more than individuals of an ideology far and away from the mainstream of America.

Acknowledge the damage and route around it.