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On Faith And God

I’m watching the debate in delay.  And Anderson just asked the question that goes to the heart of Romney’s faith; is being Mormon an issue?

And Newt knocked it out of the park.

None of us should rush in judgement of others in how they approach God.

And then this:

How can you have judgement if you have no faith?

And more:

How can I trust you with power if you don’t pray?

And more.

Who you pray to, how you pray, how YOU come close to God, is between you and God.  But the notion that you are endowed by your Creator sets a certain boundary……

Cain will fade.  Perry has.  And Newt will beat Mitt.

Teacher Insurance Rates: Teachers Pay Their Own Premium

North Carolina is broke.  Ba-Roe-K.

Hear it people.  We have no more money and things are gonna have to change.  And one of those things is that people who used to have the State pay for things are now going to have to pay for those things themselves!

Some will say that this is a pay cut, but I disagree.  It’s not a pay cut.  After all, it can’t be a pay cut if you didn’t count it as pay to begin with!

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Silence For You – Tolerance For Me

Pastors Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp are loathsome individuals to be sure.  It’s one thing to hold a belief, to claim faith and ardently follow your heart and spirit through the religion you choose.  But to purposely insult, demean and antagonize another set of beliefs is simply horrible.

Further, it’s inconsistent with the message of most mainline religions.  As a Christian I practice patience, tolerance and love of my neighbors.  Even my enemies.  As such, even if, and I certainly don’t hold this belief, but even if those of another religion were my “enemy” I find consistency in the Lords commandment to “love thy enemy”.

To burn the most Holy Book of Islam is an insult that goes too far.

With that said, I am finding the inconsistency in response appalling.

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What Happens When Markets Are More Free?

More good things happen.  And they happen all over the world.

See, the mistake that the Left makes regarding job creation is that it’s a zero sum game.

I.E. Liberals think that if you add a job in China you are subtracting a job in America.

In fact, the opposite is true.

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Value: Creation and Destruction

There are three things that you can do with money:

  1. Make more of it
  2. Trade it for something you value
  3. Piss it away

Mostly I want smaller government because I’m afraid that the government is worse at 1 and 2 than I am.  More often than not, they’re Pissing it Away.  Either for votes, or, if they really ARE trying to make things better, they just don’t know how.  [‘Cause serious, if they knew how, they’d be out doin’ it and not subjecting themselves to government].

I know there are things we need a government to do; I know that.

But there are other things that a government SHOULDN’T do; and THEY should know that as well.

And marketing cars is one of those things.

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Health Care: The Market Solution

Government has a role; no doubt about it.  No one wants to live in the Wild Wild West where the gun ruled and the vile were able to take advantage.  We need to be able to depend on a level playing field when it comes to what’s legal and what’s not.  If you make a contract with Pete to sell your horse for $150, you need to be assured that you’ll get that 150.  If not, you’ll learn and the price of the next horse will go to $225, just to cover the cost of not gettin’ your money.  And it doesn’t take an expert to tell ya’ that payin’ 225 for a 150 horse ain’t good for business.  Productivity goes down, fewer horses are sold and the whole Wild Wild West goes straight to, straight to…well, Greece.

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America: Center Right

Sad consolation I know, but I really think it’s true.  I think that most people would say that they want less government in their lives, not more.  They would like to have the ability to succeed, even if it means they could suffer failure.  I think that American’s feel hard work precedes success or comfort.  I really do.

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I call bullshit. Clear case of marginal value.

Where is Tarheel

I am in Vegas. Pissin’ off Obama AND marrying off a buddy. Regular schedule broadcast on Wednesday.

1000 Today

This started in early January 2009.  It’s taken me 10 months to hit 1000 views; most of ’em are my mom.

Here’s to the next thousand.