Health Care: The Market Solution

Government has a role; no doubt about it.  No one wants to live in the Wild Wild West where the gun ruled and the vile were able to take advantage.  We need to be able to depend on a level playing field when it comes to what’s legal and what’s not.  If you make a contract with Pete to sell your horse for $150, you need to be assured that you’ll get that 150.  If not, you’ll learn and the price of the next horse will go to $225, just to cover the cost of not gettin’ your money.  And it doesn’t take an expert to tell ya’ that payin’ 225 for a 150 horse ain’t good for business.  Productivity goes down, fewer horses are sold and the whole Wild Wild West goes straight to, straight to…well, Greece.

With that in mind I respectfully put forth the concept that when it comes to solving problems, the government is  horrible.  There is no imagination, no incentive to risk.  There’s only the worry of failure.  How many times, even in private industry, have we seen entropy within our management only because someone wants to cover their ass?  And that’s in PRIVATE industry.  It’s only worse within the government.

So why do we give government the chance to cover their asses?  Just force them to provide equal protection under the law.

And let innovators be innovators:

Walk into Brian Forrest’s primary health care practice in Apex, and you’ll pay only $49 for a checkup.

Prices for most medical services are clearly displayed in his office, similar to a menu at a restaurant.

Huh?  Didja see that?  Prices for most medical services are displayed on the damn wall!

How does he do this?

Access Heathcare, does not accept insurance of any kind


Okay, look, this guy is clearly nuts.  He’s just a doc that wants to skimp by and hit the links by 2:30:

“I wanted to be able to see one patient every 45 minutes to an hour,” he said.

The greedy capitalistic pig, why, by God he just wanna … What?

He wants to spend time with his patients?

He’s evil.

Wanna know who is FOR this model?  My man BJ Lawson:

“Physicians are already frustrated with the direction medicine has gone — what (reform will) do to their ability to do the right thing for patients,” said Lawson, who graduated from Duke Medical School and opened a software company for medical administration.

Wanna know who’s against this model?  Mr. David Price, sitting Congressman for the 4th District.

And for further fun in the whole debate, the ever insightful Adam Linker of the NC Justice Center weighs in:

He said avoiding insurance may work well in the primary care setting but could prove disastrous in the case of serious illness.

“It’s not realistic once you reach a certain level of complexity,” Linker said.

Because, really, complex life decisions are really better left to Leftist Government hacks.  And you should know that.

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