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The Liberal Left: Open And Tolerant

The wrap is that the far right wing-nut is intolerant and hateful.  The message is that the conservative is unwilling to embrace ideas that might be different, or strange or new.

The right.  The republican.  The conservative is the one unwilling to listen to opposing ideas, to embrace an open mind, to allow differences of thought.

That’s the narrative.  The left, the liberal left, is open to thoughts and ideas that are different.

It’s not true.  It’s the liberal that’s intolerant.

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Silence For You – Tolerance For Me

Pastors Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp are loathsome individuals to be sure.  It’s one thing to hold a belief, to claim faith and ardently follow your heart and spirit through the religion you choose.  But to purposely insult, demean and antagonize another set of beliefs is simply horrible.

Further, it’s inconsistent with the message of most mainline religions.  As a Christian I practice patience, tolerance and love of my neighbors.  Even my enemies.  As such, even if, and I certainly don’t hold this belief, but even if those of another religion were my “enemy” I find consistency in the Lords commandment to “love thy enemy”.

To burn the most Holy Book of Islam is an insult that goes too far.

With that said, I am finding the inconsistency in response appalling.

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{More} Awesome Reporting

I’m on a roll.

First it was the crack reporting out of the NY Times.  Good stuff.

Then, yesterday we have Reuters joining in on the fun.

Today?  Reuters is back at it.

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