{More} Awesome Reporting

I’m on a roll.

First it was the crack reporting out of the NY Times.  Good stuff.

Then, yesterday we have Reuters joining in on the fun.

Today?  Reuters is back at it.

My beef with Reuters yesterday was the fact that a man in Oregon tried to detonate a car bomb in a large group of people purchasing Christmas trees.  The whole article measured 457 words.

Not one mention of the man’s religion or of the faith.  Not one mention of Islam.  Not one mention of Muslim.

None one.

Now, today, in that same Oregon town, there was an attack on the Islamic-Center where Mohamed Osman Mohamud prayed was burned, a victim of arson.

(Reuters) – U.S. investigators said a fire at an Islamic center in Oregon on Sunday was arson and warned they would tolerate no retribution for an attempt by a Somali-born teenager to detonate what he thought was a car bomb.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

The attack on this center is cowardly and horrific.  Mr. Mohamud carried out his crime in what seemed to be an isolated nature.  He isn’t working on behalf of that Islamic-center, he isn’t working with the cities Muslim community.  He’s a sick and demented individual who has been radicalized by his religion.

However, with that said,, it IS important to note that he is a religious zealot.  That is PART OF THE STORY.  The fact is, the world is significantly less safe right now due to the fact that we have terrorists that are identifying themselves in a very specific manner.

And we should talk about that; all of us.

Sp, yesterday’s story about an Islamic terrorist failing at an attempt to blowup Christians had this many references to these terms:

  • Islam – Zero.
  • Muslim – Zero.

Today’s story about the burning of an Islamic-Center being attacked and mention of those same terms?

  • Islam – 3
  • Muslim – 2

We need to be fair as we talk about this.  We HAVE to be.

But we have to talk about this.

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