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You Can Tell A Lot About a Person

When faced with adversity.

This sums up EXACTLY what I feel about Liberals.  Hat tip Cuatro Pachyderms

How to Sell More Beer

Many of my friends work in the service industry.  Some either currently own or have owned their own joint.  Many have managed one.  When discussing politics or economics with the more liberal of them, I often get push back on my thoughts and ideas.  The concept that a free’er market would help everyone is foreign to them.  The idea that reducing or eliminating the minimum wage is a horror story; they run away screaming.

But I just go back to the bar room.  And I ask 1 simple question:

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Senate Race 2010: III

I have covered the open seats.  Those currently held by Democrats and those held by Republicans.  So far, I have it D-57 and R-43.

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I call BS. Clear case of marginal value.


I Would Be Fired For This

I work in a world where success actually matters.  You have to be right.  Often.  And significantly so.  If you are too wrong too often, you are no longer needed and will eventually get promoted to “customer”.

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Feature Not Bug

A long time ago [longer than I like] I turned 10.  My folks performed the usual; presents, cake and a party.  My friends came over, maybe spent the night, fun was had and Normal America ruled the day.  But there was something else that occurred on that birthday.  See, when I turned 10 that year, I was given something that I am still enjoying today; a job!

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Elections Have Implications

When a candidate runs his campaign on the promise of no home work on Fridays, and wins, you can assume that the folks feel we shouldn’t have home work on Fridays.  When another candidate runs on a suite of issues all rolled into one common theme and she wins…you can say that the folks are pretty interested in that one common philosophy.  And finally, when one party is elected into office because of a wave of support from the folks…you can claim that the folks want that party to change things up.

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Common Sense Approach

When you tune out the noise from the right and left, often what you find is a relatively common sense approach to just about everything.

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We all know the trouble today.  Unemployment, unemployment and unemployment.  But really, truly is the problem today is that we have government regulation.

See, in a world without it, we would have zero, I mean NONE, involuntary unemployment.  Think back to the pioneer days.  Do you think that there was ever a time when those folks had nothing to do, even when they wanted to do something, for months, or weeks or even days at a time?  Nope.  Not once.

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Red or Blue

I am pretty much disgusted with all politics.  And all people in ’em.  Perhaps most especially vile are the Parties.  It seems that in order to satisfy the party, each candidate has to run for the edges, the FAR edges.  They have to do this to get the support, connections and money from the apparatus.  In short, people are rather forced to do and say things they might not otherwise.

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