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Iran and Nukes

There has been significant debate over the idea that Iran may get the technology to build a bomb and what we may or may not do to prevent that eventuality. There are some, many even, that feel such technology in the hands of Iran will result in the destruction of Israel. Others feel that at the very least it will disrupt the region in the middle east and risk increased hostilities. Even others feel that the mere possibility of the creation of such weapons will result in the Israelis attacking Iran.

I’m not in a position to really comment on statecraft. I happen to think that much of such diplomacy and communication is, by definition, based on illusion, deception and subtle impressions of intention. As such, we really have little idea as to the true intentions of people and states. However, I AM wiling to acknowledge that a weapon in the hands of Iran will be disruptive.

But should it? Do we, or any other nation, have the right to deny another nation the technology required to build these nightmares? And if weDO have that right, do THEY in turn have similar claims on our owning such technologies?

I think that any nation has the sovereign right to advance their knowledge in science. That if they desire to learn such technologies, they Ought to be able. Perhaps they desire clean energy? Maybe some other benign use. But to deny that nation access to a technology simply because we fear what they might use it for is not consistent with our concept of liberty.

Can we limit the use of that technology? Certainly. As a collection of nations we have entered into agreement on all kinds of things; prisoners, weapons, war techniques and targets. We have in place laws and rules of use that govern nuclear weapons. I think it foolish and dangerous to attempt to deny anyone the possession of those weapons via coercive force.

Making It Real

This kinda changes everything:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Utilities in North and South Carolina have reported trace amounts of radiation from a nuclear reactor in Japan that was damaged by an earthquake and tsunami.

I’m not sayin’ – just sayin’.

Elections Have Implications

When a candidate runs his campaign on the promise of no home work on Fridays, and wins, you can assume that the folks feel we shouldn’t have home work on Fridays.  When another candidate runs on a suite of issues all rolled into one common theme and she wins…you can say that the folks are pretty interested in that one common philosophy.  And finally, when one party is elected into office because of a wave of support from the folks…you can claim that the folks want that party to change things up.

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