Common Sense Approach

When you tune out the noise from the right and left, often what you find is a relatively common sense approach to just about everything.

And this has proven to be true here in Wake County:

Wake County will no longer pay for elective abortions for employees, with leaders citing a 29-year-old state Supreme Court ruling which they say makes reimbursement for the practice illegal.

“We don’t pay for that any more,” Gurley said. “As soon as we were made aware it was illegal, we stopped doing it.”

The county’s self-insurance plan will continue to pay for abortions in the cases of incest, rape or danger to the life of the mother.

To me, this is fantastic news.  Both from an economic standpoint, a health care stand point and a Liberty stand point.  We save money by reducing the costs of medical care and, AND, we increase the Liberty afforded to all people.

It has always recently been my stance that we should work to maintain the Liberty of the unborn to the point that we can.  And here we did.

Well done Wake County, well DONE!

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