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Why I Don’t Trust Politicians – Bustin’ Republican’s Chops

One of the reasons I have so much scorn for democrats is that they embrace the big government statism power that I despise.  Republicans at least SAY* they’re against it but then eventually break my heart by giving in to the temptation that is “power.”

To be sure, the devastation that is “Sandy” is, in some areas, complete.  Any human with a drip of a spirit and decency would weep at the scene.  But the reason we elect people is that we expect leadership.

And courage.

And with one stroke of a pen, Christie failed BIG time:

Trenton, NJ – Taking action to save homeowners money following Hurricane Sandy, Governor Chris Christie signed Executive Order 107, prohibiting insurance companies from imposing costly hurricane deductibles on New Jersey homeowners. An important part of the recovery of New Jersey will be the influx of funds that occurs when insurers settle claims by New Jersey homeowners. This action will increase the total size of the payments made by the insurance industry, helping residents rebuild their homes and speed New Jersey’s path to recovery.

“We need to ensure that homeowners are not forced to pay higher out of pocket costs than required as they begin the rebuilding and repair process,” said Governor Christie. “While Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm, it did not meet the regulatory threshold to trigger the application of hurricane deductibles by insurance companies in New Jersey. This executive order makes it clear that consumers do not have to pay these unusually large and often unexpected amounts.”

Now, did the storm meet the threshold to trigger deductible?  Maybe, maybe not.  But THAT isn’t up to the governor of a state.  That’s to be determined by the normal and regular and well understood relationship between the private entities that entered into a legally binding contract.

Governor Christie would be wise to remember that if he legislates away the right to collect deductibles, if indeed they are entitles, he may very well find out that the polices issued to his residents are dramatically more expensive if offered at all.

* Except, of course, things like gay marriage and extreme abortion views.  THOSE state powers they are just fine with.

Housing Boom and Housing Bust: Federal Loans and Foreclosures

Remember when houses were worth more than they are now?  Remember when the value of a home would go up almost overnight?  You could buy one on Tuesday and sell it for a profit by Friday.

Yeah…good times.

Until the bubble hit.  And then it wasn’t such good times; in fact it was bad times.  Really bad times.

The housing bubble hit all of us in some way or another.  For many of us, our homes are worth less now than they were before; we still haven’t caught up.  And the economy?  Well, we know how THAT has played out.  So, with the the downside of such a bubble being so, well, down, the lessons we learned just a few short years ago should still be fresh.  Should still be pertinent, right?


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Man Crush

A continuation of my love affair with Chris Christie:

A leader leading is something to behold.

Hat tip:  The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute

Good Work If Ya Can Get It

Wanna know why Unions are dangerous?

Because they are parasites.  They take and they take without providing value.

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From Sea to Shining Sea

It started in Virginia and moved to New Jersey.  After that, the momentum swept to Massechusetts [heh heh – dumb bitch misspelled her own state!].  But beyond that, the writing has been on the wall for some time now:

“We didn’t like the Republicans but this, THIS, is NOT what we had in mind!

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