Good Work If Ya Can Get It

Wanna know why Unions are dangerous?

Because they are parasites.  They take and they take without providing value.

Consider Herman Gregory Ellis:

Herman Gregory Ellis worked for 14 years as a firefighter in Harrison, N.J., near Newark, before retiring on disability in November 2008. He collects a $2,515-a-month pension from the New Jersey Police and Firemen’s Retirement System, which is funded through tax dollars, employee contributions and investments.

14 years, $30k a year.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Now, to be fair, Mr. Ellis IS a firefighter and his disability may be severe.  Perhaps I should be more fair:

“At the time he applied for disability, he signed a certification saying he was unable to perform the duties of a firefighter’s job here in New Jersey,”

See.  He couldn’t perform the duties of a fireman.  And we know this because he signed a certification saying so.  He SIGNED it!

Two months before he went on disability, however, Ellis began working for the Raleigh Fire Department.

See, he signed a certification that said he couldn’t…..wait!  What the…!

Even BEFORE he went on disability he was working for the Raleigh Fire Department.  THEN he signed the certification.

And the New Jersey Division of Pension and Benefits is outraged by all of this; right?

“It’s not a problem with working somewhere,”

Huh?  It’s not a problem?  IS there a problem?

“The question would be, is he performing the same duty that he represented that he could not perform up here?”

My question for the NJ Fire Department of Fire Departments:

Why in the Sam Hell don’t YOU know what he can and can’t do?  And if he can’t do one job but CAN do another, why isn’t he doing it?

See, after awhile, Union bullshit becomes the new normal.

And we are all more dirty because of it.

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