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Green Energy: Biodiesel And The Free Market

We’ve seen copper prices go through the roof.  And we’ve seen copper thieves thrive.

We’ve seen gasoline prices go through the roof.  And we’ve seen gasoline thieves thrive.

We see the same thing everywhere we look.  The price of a thing goes up, the market [even black] reacts.

Perhaps it’s a coming of age for the biodiesel industry.  But it turns out that as the prices traditional energy sources climbs, the market for alternative energy sources expands.  And in some cases, that actually means there is a black market for those alternative sources.

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Global Warming: Open Thread For Alarmists

Serious question:

What weather pattern would have to come to pass for you to abandon your belief in catastrophic global warming?

The Sun Rises in the East Because: Global Warming!

I was getting the kids a haircut today.  While waiting I came across one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever seen.

See, a reporter got a “scoop”, or whatever it it’s called when an idea for a story pops into your head, went down to investigate the same story, gathered facts, typed up a report and then MADE UP A CONCLUSION.


The whole story talks about the facts of the situation and the reporter, Leslie Kaufman, simply made up her own conclusions.  And this is the NY Times.

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I wonder if This is What They Wanted?

I honestly think that most people want things to work out for the better.  That the decisions they make, the things they do, the hopes and dreams they have, will, in the end, make not only their llives better but the lives of folks around ’em too.

So, when I rage against Leftists it’s not because their heart is in the wrong place–it’s because their HEAD is in the wrong place.

For example, when a Liberal fights to establish a minimum wage, it’s because they wanna help the folks who are poor and can’t pay their bills.

When they fight for Social Security, they really REALLY wanna help provide for the elderly in their times of need.

And when they build ethanol plants they do it because they really seriously think that going green is the way to go.

But they’re wrong.

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Why We Elect People to Government Positions

To be honest, I don’t know why we elect people to government positions.  I mean, in the larger sense I know that we NEED Senators and such; Nationally and on the State level.

But why do we elect that guy to the job?

I have zero idea.

Maybe because we hate him and want to condemn his life to one of a meaningless suffering?

It certainly is not, simple CAN NOT be, that we think he is smarter and more able to lead and govern than us.


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What We Sow We Reap

To be sure, the amount of oil spilled into the Gulf is immense.  To say that the well leaked is a disservice; it veritably gushed.  Gushed to the tune of 62,000 barrels a day slowing to 53,000 a day as the oil in the reservoir diminished the internal pressure.

That is a lot of oil.  A whole HELL of a lot of oil.

And we covered it.  Boy did we cover it.

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And the Market Will Set You Free

I have always said the market will drive us to conserve.

I still say that.

Nothing is going to get me to buy compact fluorescent bulb fast than when they are priced at $0.26 American!

Go market!

Oh yeah, check out who’s funding the price.


Okay, so this kinda takes the fun out of it:

Progress Energy said today its energy-efficiency program to promote CFL bulbs in this state has resulted in the sale of 1 million of the low-energy bulbs since January.

The Raleigh power company’s Residential Lighting Program pays hardware stores and other retailers in the Progress Energy service area to offer shoppers compact fluorescent light bulbs at an average discount of $1.50.

Progress expects to sell 5 million bulbs in the first two years of the program. Bulb sales are expected to increase next year as more stores participate in the discounts.

Progress introduced the program to comply with a 2007 state law requiring greater use of energy efficiency programs and clean fuels.


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Oil in the Water: Drilling for Oil

So, who woulda thought that oil would naturally seep into the ocean?  Not me.  Ever.  For some reason I always thought that oil was deep underground and very hard to get at.  Turns out that oil really does seep into the oceans naturally.  And, by humans drilling for off shore oil we actually prevent much of that oil from entering the water.

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Wherein Offshore Drilling Reduces Oil in the Oceans

The spill in the Gulf is horrible.  The damage done to the coast, to the wildlife, to the people living there and the economy as a whole will be devastating.  Generations of small business owners will have been impacted by this before it’s over.  It may be decades before the local fisheries produce again; if they ever do.

The lives of those people living in New Orleans, just now recovering from Katrina, will be facing the headwinds of the loss of economic drivers for years.

It’s sad; jaw droppingly depressing.

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Some Perspective: Big Oil Style

I trend Right.  Actually, what I like to say is that I like being “Left” in a “Right” world.   That is, I enjoy the fact that there are armies of men and women out there who work their asses off so that our nation and world can be what it is.  Yet I also enjoy playing the role of individual freedom spoiler in my little life.

I like fighting for the little guy.  I like pullin’ for the underdog.  I want the immigrant to hit the big time.  And I want the oppressed to rise up…if only to become part of the machine.

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