Why We Elect People to Government Positions

To be honest, I don’t know why we elect people to government positions.  I mean, in the larger sense I know that we NEED Senators and such; Nationally and on the State level.

But why do we elect that guy to the job?

I have zero idea.

Maybe because we hate him and want to condemn his life to one of a meaningless suffering?

It certainly is not, simple CAN NOT be, that we think he is smarter and more able to lead and govern than us.



The legislature wants the state Board of Education to figure out how to get all high school students to graduate in four years.

Good gawd!

And this is the trouble with politics in general, not just as it relates to education.

But, for our case, this will do; watch:

Under a measure the Senate approved unanimously Tuesday, the Board of Education must set minimum goals for graduation of 74 percent by 2014, 80 percent by 2016, and 90 percent by 2018. The measure now goes to Gov. Bev Perdue for her signature.

And the requisite vote getter face saver?

The long-term goal, with no date attached, is to have all students graduate.

This is the problem with politicians.  They state obvious shit, push and shove to up the ante.  Then, in a remarkably obvious manner, relieve themselves of all responsibility.

“I want the School Board to figure out how to graduate more kids!”

Not to be outdone, the second Senator responds, “Well, I want them to graduate 74%!  By god I’m a great American!”

“Yeah, well, I want’em to graduate 80%.  If you are a great American, I am 5% more of an American than you!”

“I can do better than that, I say 90%.  That’s 10% MORE than what you said, which was only 5% more than I said.  I am and continue to be a better American than you!”

And so it goes to 100%.  However, faced with the impossible fact of graduating every single kid, the Senators protect themselves and offer no timetable to have someone else achieve their made up goal.

And this is true of car accidents, infant mortality, gun accidents and water pollution.  In a never-ending desire to one-up the next guy in an effort to buy votes, they totally ignore reason.

We’ll never reduce ALL water pollution.  Do you understand what that would require in terms of our standard of living?

But we elect ’em because we hate ’em.  Or, perhaps, because we hate us?

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