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Business Friendly Administration

Obama may be the least business friendly President we’ve had in my lifetime:

Washington — Federal regulators have delayed the proposed merger of Duke Energy and Progress Energy late Wednesday, setting back into plans to merge the two North Carolina-based utilities by the end of the year.

How many corporate deals has this man’s administration destroyed?

Off the top of my head:

  1. Duke-Progress merge
  2. AT&T – TMobile merge
  3. Pipeline
  4. Boeing
  5. Obamacare

That’s just 5.  Right here with little or no thought.

I often tell people that America and being “American” is more of an ideal than a real descriptor of one’s nationality.  For example, if you say he is a “Japanese” you will know that he is a man born and raised in Japan.  His heritage is Japanese.  Same for a German or a Mexican.

But when you say he is an American you can not assume him to have been born in America.  Nor can you assume race or historical nationality.  Rather, American means that quality that embraces the pioneer, the risk taker the lover of freedoms and Liberty.  It is an ideal of hard work results in hard rewards.  Of all the nationalities that one could be, American conjures the bootstrap.

Obama is not American in that sense.  And in that way and measure, when he says he is going to fundamentally transform America, I believe him.

And the Market Will Set You Free

I have always said the market will drive us to conserve.

I still say that.

Nothing is going to get me to buy compact fluorescent bulb fast than when they are priced at $0.26 American!

Go market!

Oh yeah, check out who’s funding the price.


Okay, so this kinda takes the fun out of it:

Progress Energy said today its energy-efficiency program to promote CFL bulbs in this state has resulted in the sale of 1 million of the low-energy bulbs since January.

The Raleigh power company’s Residential Lighting Program pays hardware stores and other retailers in the Progress Energy service area to offer shoppers compact fluorescent light bulbs at an average discount of $1.50.

Progress expects to sell 5 million bulbs in the first two years of the program. Bulb sales are expected to increase next year as more stores participate in the discounts.

Progress introduced the program to comply with a 2007 state law requiring greater use of energy efficiency programs and clean fuels.


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