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Unemployment Benefits End: 297 / 40 = $7.42

First, we’re talking about $297.00 a week.

Don’t forget that:

About 45,000 people have lost extended benefits in the month-long standoff between Republican legislative leaders and Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue, up from an initial estimate of 37,000 people who lost the chance to receive 20 weeks of federal benefits after normal benefits and all other extensions have been exhausted.

Each week, about 2,100 people are running out of benefits, which would pay them an average of about $297 a week, officials said.

So, I just checked and this is what I found:

I’m not sayin’……I’m just sayin’.

Governor Purdue: Spend More on Education – Tax More on Citizens

North Carolina government continues to debate the budget.  Even as the state’s deficit grows, the governor refuses to step back from spending.  And the number 1 line item in the budget?


This is governor Purdue’s explanation:

“We cannot go backward on education. It’s part of who we are as a people in this state and it’s what has differentiated us as a leader in the South,” Perdue said, according to her staff. “We are North Carolina, and we have chosen to become that because of our generational legacy of education.”

We cannot go backward.  Backward.

In what way and manner is she thinking we’ll go backward?


Sure, but more spending doesn’t equate to better education.

She is preaching the old Democrat canard; Defend the defined solution – Don’t debate the problem.

See, the Democrats feel that the only way to improve education is to spend more.  Therefore they feel that as long as they are able to defend the fact that we want to improve education, and who doesn’t, we should only continue to spend more and more.

Yet not one once of study goes into the fact that education outcomes don’t always depend on money.

Teacher Insurance Rates: Teachers Pay Their Own Premium

North Carolina is broke.  Ba-Roe-K.

Hear it people.  We have no more money and things are gonna have to change.  And one of those things is that people who used to have the State pay for things are now going to have to pay for those things themselves!

Some will say that this is a pay cut, but I disagree.  It’s not a pay cut.  After all, it can’t be a pay cut if you didn’t count it as pay to begin with!

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I am Christian.

I am Libertarian.

I believe that human life is entitled to Divine Liberty.  Or, for the non-believers, Natural Liberty.

But I don’t know that I can say life begins at conception.

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Swimmin’ Wit Da Fishes

In breaking news, the sand and sand bars of North Carolina’s Outer Banks are prone to shifting, moving and overall change.  What once was impassable water often turns into a navigable channel.  In a similar manner, mother nature may decide that she would like to “fallow” a section of the sea from time to time.

This should not surprise any one.  Or alarm them.

But the expectations and actions of our government is both surprising AND alarming.

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What The Message of Dr. Martin Luther King DOESN’T Mean

He was a leader.

He was an innovator.

He stood up when many wouldn’t.  He preached love while others practiced hate.

He took the worst of us, saw the best in them and made us ALL believe that not only should we do better, but that we all would do better.

Martin’s message meant and means many things, but it doesn’t mean that we can use race as a means to implement policy.

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Wanna know the only way to establish a monopoly?

Government regulations.

And I find it funny that the very same people who clamor when companies like Microsoft or Intel have a “strangle hold” on the market are the very same one who demand, DEMAND I tell you, that the government regulate a monopoly for something that they think needs regulating.

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Why We Elect People to Government Positions

To be honest, I don’t know why we elect people to government positions.  I mean, in the larger sense I know that we NEED Senators and such; Nationally and on the State level.

But why do we elect that guy to the job?

I have zero idea.

Maybe because we hate him and want to condemn his life to one of a meaningless suffering?

It certainly is not, simple CAN NOT be, that we think he is smarter and more able to lead and govern than us.


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