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Plan B Morning After Pill

So, it occurred to me.

We do not trust young women to choose to purchase a morning after pill but we do trust them to have an abortion?


Abortion: Call It What It Is

There was a lot of debate around the Mississippi legislation that would have defined life at conception.  I’is no secret that this was nothing but a method to move to make abortion illegal.  The pro-life folks want to codify that life exists and therefore, that life has claim to individual Liberty.

While I resonate with the concept I diverge in two areas:

  1. I don’t think that human life begins at conception.  Shortly thereafter?  Sure.  Heartbeat, brain activity and blood flowing?  Yeah, then.  Then’ish.
  2. We don’t have to work that hard to make this point.

There is already bi-partisan support for this concept.  In fact, that support passed new legislation into law that will take effect here in North Carolina tomorrow, December 1.

RALEIGH, N.C. — More than four years after a pregnant woman was killed outside a Raleigh convenience store, a law named for her unborn son that criminalizes the murder of a fetus will take effect Thursday.

State lawmakers passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, often referred to as Ethen’s Law, in April. The legislation deems that anyone who commits murder, manslaughter or assault against a pregnant woman is guilty of the same crimes against the fetus, regardless of whether an attacker knows about the pregnancy.

I do not find it consistent to be charged with a crime against a human being unless you committed that crime against, you know, a human being.

We all  know, ALL of us, that life begins well before literal conception.  What we’re doing is just negotiating on the time.  As such, we know that the kid in the womb is just that, a kid.

So, we’re not arguing about what’s going on when there is an abortion, a child is dying.  We’re just saying we’re okay with the taking of that life when it suits us.  It would be refreshing, as if, the Liberal Left would be honest and admit that.

What Is The Role Of Women

I have greatly enjoyed this art of blogging –though I DO wish the name were different, it conotates a less mature effort than I think it is–that has allowed me to explore, connect and think about so many more issues in so many more ways than I otherwise would have.

How could people even as recently as 1995 been able to stay abreast of the current issues of the day like we do now?  Amazing.

Anyway, as is the nature of this thing we do, I was reading a post over at Poison Your Mind and the conversation turned in a very unexpected way/.  The post  had to do with the fact that the current crop of Republican governors are far more conservative than the constituency that elected them.  All this while the current Democrat governors were much more closely aligned.  Fascinating stuff.  Go read the whole thing.

However, we began discussing whether the current GOP governors were more fiscally conservative or socially.  I suspect that its the former, PYM felt otherwise.  And a quick discussion over some social issues took place with a comment that made me stop:

That’s because the pro-life movement is interested in preventing abortions, it’s about government mandating of traditional gender roles.


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NY Democrats Get It Right On Abortion

I often hammer the Left.  And for good reason.

However, I don’t work hard enough to hammer the Right when they are wrong or praise the Left when they are right.  [hee hee].

I wanna work on that, and so, to this end, I support the pro-choice legislation introduced by the 2 NY senators.

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I am Christian.

I am Libertarian.

I believe that human life is entitled to Divine Liberty.  Or, for the non-believers, Natural Liberty.

But I don’t know that I can say life begins at conception.

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Right-Wing Nut vs. Left-Wing Nut

One of my friends on Facebook posted something about Planned Parenthood a couple of weeks ago.  She tends to favor the Liberal side.  And while I trend Liberal on Social issues, I find myself taking middle ground on abortion.

We had a wonderful discussion.  While it was me debating 2-3 more Liberal friends, it was polite, engaging and civil.

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Just a Quick Thought Before I Go To Bed

Dear Planned Parenthood and NOW,

Please go away.  You scare me.



Only in the Mind of a Liberal

Only to a fool does it make sense to allow someone to choose to kill a baby but not allow that SAME someone to choose to buy a toy with your McNuggets.

Listening to the Left

So, alright.  I’m guilty.

I listen to the Right.  Except for my morning commute, where I listen to Brad and Britt, I get my radio and TV from the Right.  My news, I get from more main stream sources; Economist, Reuters, CNBC, Wall Street Journal and NY Times.

But when I watch or listen, it’s from the Right.

So I started watching Maddow.

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News Outlet vs. Communication Department

I suspect the media is much like everyone else; you get on board a winner.

For example, a study found that while it may appear that money wins elections, it’s really a winner that wins money.

But they dispute the commonly held assumption that the spending causes the win. Instead they point out that anticipated win – or possible win – will often attract the campaign money. When candidates obtain large amounts of money it is usually because they are seen to be the best candidate or the one mostly likely to win. Based on Levitt’s study of campaign spending by the same candidates against the same competitors over decades of US congressional elections, it was found that ‘the amount of money spent by the candidates hardly matters at all. A winning candidate can cut his spending in half and lose only 1% of the vote. Meanwhile, a losing candidate who doubles his spending can expect to shift the vote in his favor by only that same 1%’. The Freakonomics authors conclude that campaign spending has a very small impact on election outcomes, regardless of who does the spending.

To expect the media top act any better is, well, perhaps unfair.

But jeez…

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