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Why Democrats Fail

So, I’m watching the Rachel Maddow show just now.  And it occurred to me:

I need to help these Democrats out.

Watching them try to manuever and “politic” is like watching a train wreck, or this guy:

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I like Jon Stewart

Because of the interview he did with Rachel Maddow.

I’m not sure which should surpise my Liberty loving friends more, the fact that I watch Maddow or that I like Stewart.

Post Thnaksgiving Day philosophy to be sure:

Anyway:  Click on the picture for the whole interview.

Rachel Maddow interviews Jon Stewart


Listening to the Left

So, alright.  I’m guilty.

I listen to the Right.  Except for my morning commute, where I listen to Brad and Britt, I get my radio and TV from the Right.  My news, I get from more main stream sources; Economist, Reuters, CNBC, Wall Street Journal and NY Times.

But when I watch or listen, it’s from the Right.

So I started watching Maddow.

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