Why Democrats Fail

So, I’m watching the Rachel Maddow show just now.  And it occurred to me:

I need to help these Democrats out.

Watching them try to manuever and “politic” is like watching a train wreck, or this guy:

You can only watch such embarrassment for so long without the human urge to help them out.

See, the Democrat’s problem isn’t that they don’t have good ideas, they do, they have FANTASTIC ideas:

  1. S-CHIP
  2. Gay Marriage
  3. Stem Cell Research
  4. Controlling Defense Spending

Just to name a few.

No, their problem is that ANYONE who has even the most radical lame-ass agenda will call themselves Democrats.

Now, this is good when it comes time to count votes.  See, the more people who call themselves Democrats will typically vote for Democrats.  Thus, Democrats will win elections.

No, it isn’t winning elections that their problem.  Their problem is that they don’t know how to “DO”.  They don’t know how to govern.

They.  Don’t.  Know.  How.  To.  Get.  Shit.  Done.

Period and end of story.

See, Republicans will get in a room and there is disagreement.  They’ll bitch and argue and piss and moan.  Some times they do that in front of a camera.  But almost ALL THE TIME, when they walk out of that room, they have decided, as a body, on what they will do.  All of ’em.  They each may not like every detail, but, by God, they’ll get whatever it is that they decided done.



A bunch of women in a knitting circle.

If Democrats would learn to compromise WITHIN THEIR OWN RANKS, they would generate enough moderates to choke the radicals WITHIN THEIR OWN RANKS and they would dominate.

But no.

P.S. And Maddow would be the first to go.

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