Hurricane Season 2010: Season Over

Okay, not too bad.  The season seemed busy; lot’s of storms.

But nothing news worthy.  We avoided the big one.

Let’s check the box score.

In April, the National Hurricane Center predicted this:

So, 15 named storms, 4 major himmicane’s and a 45% the US gets hit.

Then, in August, the NHC revised their predictions:

…he updated forecast calls for 14 to 20 named tropical storms, down from a range of 14 to 23. The hurricane season started June 1 and ends Nov. 30, but the peak period for hurricanes runs from August through October.

Eight to 12 storms could become hurricanes, and four to six of those hurricanes could become major storms, blowing winds of 111 mph or more, forecasters said.

So, how’d they do?

  • Named Storms – 19
  • Hurricanes – 12
  • Major Hurricanes – 5

They were dead on.

I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch.  I was wrong, they were right!

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