Listening to the Left

So, alright.  I’m guilty.

I listen to the Right.  Except for my morning commute, where I listen to Brad and Britt, I get my radio and TV from the Right.  My news, I get from more main stream sources; Economist, Reuters, CNBC, Wall Street Journal and NY Times.

But when I watch or listen, it’s from the Right.

So I started watching Maddow.

Last night her monologue focused on what she considers the fringe of the Right Wing.  The wackos.  The nut jobs.

[Some ARE nuts, but I don’t understand the “he’s a nut” attributed to Rand Paul].

And she makes a point, a point on one of the platforms these Republicans are running on:

“I can’t find any other time in history when so many top-tier candidates are running on an abortion position that is AS EXTREME, um, as Republicans this year.”

What she finds extreme?

The fact that candidates are running on the fact that abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape or incest.

Now listen, I may find that position extreme; that’s a topic for another post.  But let’s give it to her; let’s say that position is EXTREME.

What, pray tell, does she think the equally extreme LEFTIST position is?

Being able to have an abortion without seeing an ultrasound and listening to the heart beat?

Free tax payer funded abortions for 13 year olds without parental consent?

3rd, 4th or 5th time patients clearly using abortion as birth control?

Tell me Liberals, if “No abortion even in cases of rape or incest” is the Right’s “Extreme”.  What is the equivalent Left’s Extreme?

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