Right-Wing Nut vs. Left-Wing Nut

One of my friends on Facebook posted something about Planned Parenthood a couple of weeks ago.  She tends to favor the Liberal side.  And while I trend Liberal on Social issues, I find myself taking middle ground on abortion.

We had a wonderful discussion.  While it was me debating 2-3 more Liberal friends, it was polite, engaging and civil.

However, during the conversation, one of the folks accused me of being one of those “Right-Wing extremists” who want to take away a woman’s right to choice when it comes to her reproductive rights.  As expected, I objected that I was not an extremist* and furthermore, don’t object to a woman’s right to choose to reproduce when she wants, not to if she doesn’t or with whom she does.

Anyway, it got me to thinking.

The far FAR right-wing position on abortion is none ever under any circumstance.

The far FAR left-wing position on abortion is anytime prior to literal birth for any reason.  If you really wanna go left you can claim the left supports preventing life saving care to a baby that survives an abortion.

So, my question is this:

Is it possible for a person arguing that a woman should be able to choose to have an abortion at any time for any reason to call anyone disagreeing with that position an “extremist”?  I mean, are they themselves not representing the most extreme position on the Left?

* My position on abortion is that once life begins, the conversation changes.  We are no longer talking about simply cutting a fingernail.  However, I DO support abortion where the mother is a victim of a crime or in those cases where the life of the mother or child is at risk.

Before life exists, I do acknowledge that we are discussing the “fingernail” scenario.  I support the “day after” pill.

7 responses to “Right-Wing Nut vs. Left-Wing Nut

  1. Neither side is willing to give any ground for fear that it will be seen as a victory for the opponent. That is what makes the whole thing so crazy. There is one thing that I give Bill Clinton credit for doing right. During the Democratic National Convention, he said, “I am not pro-abortion, I am pro-choice”. At the time, I had hoped that his words would spark a conversation that would cause both sides to work towards common ground. It never happened.

  2. Whether for legal or political reasons, no one today has the guts to admit any wrongdoing where there’s actually any real consequence behind it. How do you get any sort of win-win agreement or even honest negotiations when that’s happening?

    • How do you get any sort of win-win agreement or even honest negotiations when that’s happening?

      You’re right; it’s tough.

      I think the problem is that this issue has gone “tribal”. That’s my new term for the emotional shift in a person that takes place forcing them to refuse to view a topic with rational thought.

      I’m a Minnesota Viking fan. There is literally nothing you can do, no evidence you could provide, that would force me to change that and have me root for the Green Bay Packers.

      When the same thing happens in politics, it’s over. And then it’s best to walk away and fight another day.

  3. Whoops – meant to say “…any wrongdoing or concede points to the other side”. People on this issue want a black & white answer, which they’ll never get because it’s too complex an issue.

  4. I’m also a Vikings fan. When I was living in Minneapolis for grad school my dad had season tickets and would drive up from Sioux Falls and I saw quite a few games live at the Metrodome (I was always a Tommy Kramer fan too). My colleague in the office next to mine is from Madison, WI, and is a hard core Packers fan. My sister, who ironically grew up a Steelers fan, is now a Packers fan as is her whole family because she married a guy from Madison, WI. Yet somehow we all get along.

    As for abortion, I actually think that in most cases its morally wrong. But I also realize that this is a tricky ethical issue and that there are alternate perspectives. So I end up coming down on the side that I think it’s usually wrong, but since it’s a very complex issue with different perspectives, I’d rather the government not force people to follow a certain point of view and leave it up to doctors and individuals, at least in the first term.

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