Abortion: Call It What It Is

There was a lot of debate around the Mississippi legislation that would have defined life at conception.  I’is no secret that this was nothing but a method to move to make abortion illegal.  The pro-life folks want to codify that life exists and therefore, that life has claim to individual Liberty.

While I resonate with the concept I diverge in two areas:

  1. I don’t think that human life begins at conception.  Shortly thereafter?  Sure.  Heartbeat, brain activity and blood flowing?  Yeah, then.  Then’ish.
  2. We don’t have to work that hard to make this point.

There is already bi-partisan support for this concept.  In fact, that support passed new legislation into law that will take effect here in North Carolina tomorrow, December 1.

RALEIGH, N.C. — More than four years after a pregnant woman was killed outside a Raleigh convenience store, a law named for her unborn son that criminalizes the murder of a fetus will take effect Thursday.

State lawmakers passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, often referred to as Ethen’s Law, in April. The legislation deems that anyone who commits murder, manslaughter or assault against a pregnant woman is guilty of the same crimes against the fetus, regardless of whether an attacker knows about the pregnancy.

I do not find it consistent to be charged with a crime against a human being unless you committed that crime against, you know, a human being.

We all  know, ALL of us, that life begins well before literal conception.  What we’re doing is just negotiating on the time.  As such, we know that the kid in the womb is just that, a kid.

So, we’re not arguing about what’s going on when there is an abortion, a child is dying.  We’re just saying we’re okay with the taking of that life when it suits us.  It would be refreshing, as if, the Liberal Left would be honest and admit that.

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  1. This past weekend my family and I were staying with the inlaws (or Outlaws, if you prefer) outside Baltimore. My brother in law, relative, and myself were having friendly beers and political discussion. I’m the sole Republican of the bunch, so as always I’m left being *just a bit* defensive.
    My brother in law asks “So just why do you Republicans hate minorities so much”?
    My retort “Well just what the hell do you Democrats have against a living fetus”?

    Values. Think about them.

    • My brother in law asks “So just why do you Republicans hate minorities so much”?

      This is always ALWAYS the argument that the Left delivers. They think that just because someone, or a group of someones, suffer at the expense of a specific legislation, that the intent is to target that group of people.

      When I require a certain GPA to get into college, it doesn’t mean that I hate all people who don’t have that GPA.



  2. I look at it this way. Once fertilized and growing, the fetus is a life form. IUDs cause “abortions” if you want to call them that, that’s how they work. (I sometimes wonder how many pro-life women have IUDs without realizing how they work!) But we kill life all the time. We cut down stalks of wheat, we slaughter cows and pigs, we pull fish from lakes. We sometimes eat other life forms, we sometimes just get rid of nuisance life like ants or weeds. So the fact the fetus is alive is not the relevant question. When can one consider it a human worthy of protection of rights and not subject to the desires of the individual whose body houses and feeds it. Historically this has been answered in different ways. Many cultures did not see human life as worthy of protection until a certain age; infanticide has been practiced in many cultures. My own view is that the woman carrying the potential human life form has to make that call so long as the “child” as you call it cannot survive on its own. An early abortion in the first trimester to me is not that much different than wearing a condom. You prevent a human life from forming, it’s just that in one class there are cells dividing and there is life, while in the other you stop the egg and sperm from joining. The end result is the same.

    But once the life is viable outside the womb — and I’d say not the earliest point its possible to keep the child alive, but at a point where it is generally accepted healthy growth can occur (with the aid of medical science) then the question gets mushy. If you get to the point that the child could be born with absolutely no need of advanced medical science to survive, then I’d say it’s has status as a human, even before birth.

    Since there is no absolute answer to this issue — it’s all opinion based on beliefs about reality and morality — for a country I think one has to discern the cultural/societal norms.

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