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Superior Court Judge: I’ll Write The State Budget

The North Carolina legislature passed a budget.  This budget passed both house of  properly elected lawmakers.  Then, this budget was vetoed by the Good Govna’ of the Great State of North by God Carolina, herself properly elected.

Bev Purdue certainly can veto bills she doesn’t like.

After learning of said veto, the legislature convened and took up  vote to over-ride the veto.  And over-ride that veto the legislature did.  And so, the budget became law without the consent of the governor.

That, however, is not the end of the story.

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Minnesota: Mark Dayton Blinks – What This Means For America

The Democratic governor of Minnesota backed down yesterday.  Said governor, who claimed to be elected into office with a mandate, has realized that he’s damaging the state of Minnesota.  Unlike his election, the election of a republican congress DOES carry a mandate.  And that mandate is “no new taxes”.  So, after allowing the state to experience a government shutdown for nearly two weeks, the governor accepted a deal that the republicans had offered as far back as June 30.

Despite my serious reservations about your plan, I have concluded that continuing the state government shutdown would be even more destructive for too many Minnesotans,” Dayton wrote to legislative leaders. “Therefore I am willing to agree to something I do not agree with — your proposal — in order to spare our citizens and our state from further damage.

Dayton walked away from the edge.  I suspect that he realized his partisan agenda didn’t mesh with the responsibilities of governing a state.  And he relented.

This should serve as a guide to national republicans.  This is how the debate is to be won.

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Dear Minnesota Republicans

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Republican Congress,

Congratulations on your efforts to force the liberal leftist Governor into agreeing to your deal.

Now, don’t be asses and insist on your social agenda policies. This is about the budget. Let it BE about the budget.


Minnesota: A Foretaste Of The Feast To Come

Minnesota is closed.

As of 12:01 AM July 1, the state has shut down.  A disagreement over how to balance the budget between the Democrat governor and the Republican Senate has caused a stalemate.  Without a budget, the state government officially closed Friday morning.  State parks, rest areas, road construction and other services were shuttered.

State employees were sent home.

The battle just got real for a whole bunch of people; a WHOLE bunch.

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We Need To Increase Revenue

That’s the call from the Left.  In order to balance the budget, or begin to balance the budget, we’re gonna have to at least consider raising revenues.

I’m beginning to resonate more and more with this, so, for this sake, I’ll stipulate.

We need to raise revenues.

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North Carolina Budget: Veto Override

For the first time since Ulysses S. Grant was President, the North Carolina budget has been proposed by a republican controlled body.

And the state governor, Beverly Perdue, didn’t like said budget.  So, she vetoed it.

The state senate has a veto proof majority; the house, not so much.

But tonight the governor was told that she must obey the will of the people.  Her veto was overruled in the house and will be sent to the senate.

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Governor Purdue: Spend More on Education – Tax More on Citizens

North Carolina government continues to debate the budget.  Even as the state’s deficit grows, the governor refuses to step back from spending.  And the number 1 line item in the budget?


This is governor Purdue’s explanation:

“We cannot go backward on education. It’s part of who we are as a people in this state and it’s what has differentiated us as a leader in the South,” Perdue said, according to her staff. “We are North Carolina, and we have chosen to become that because of our generational legacy of education.”

We cannot go backward.  Backward.

In what way and manner is she thinking we’ll go backward?


Sure, but more spending doesn’t equate to better education.

She is preaching the old Democrat canard; Defend the defined solution – Don’t debate the problem.

See, the Democrats feel that the only way to improve education is to spend more.  Therefore they feel that as long as they are able to defend the fact that we want to improve education, and who doesn’t, we should only continue to spend more and more.

Yet not one once of study goes into the fact that education outcomes don’t always depend on money.

More On “Soak the Rich”

So, last night I presented data that demonstrated you would have to lift every single dime in income from those making $200,000 or more to cover the deficit.  Not pay the bill for the year, just pay the deficit.

What if we just go after those making $500,000 or more a year?  The really rich?

Start with a $1.5 trillion deficit.  Back out the taxes paid by those making over $500k.  You now have $1.85 trillion to cover.

How much do the folks who bring in $500,000 or more make as a group?  They make $1,270,000,000.  That’s it.

If you call being rich as making more than $500,000 a year rich, then you have to take all of it.  Everything they make.  ALL.  And you still are short $600,000,000,000.

You can not tax your way out of this.

Can We Tax The Rich Enough To Get Out Of Debt?

The battle lines are drawn.  On one side you have the conservatives demanding that we cut spending.  The other; we have to raise taxes on the rich.

The battle?  Well, the battle is the deficit.

So, who’s right, who’s wrong?  Let’s check it out.

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Middle Class

For a long time now I’ve been interested in “The Middle Class”, or as I call it, The Big MC™ What it is, what it means and how it’s been used over the years. My fascination comes from two sources; my own personal experience and then the use of The Big MC in today’s Liberal shaping of the term.

America’s greatest allure is that through the promise of Liberty any individual is able to achieve that goal of leaving the days of back breaking labor to the days of our fathers and giving a better life to our children. It is our birthright as a nation that our citizens are able to have a better tomorrow than a better yesterday. It’s our hope, our collective yearning, that our drive to and from the salt mines will bring better days, that has framed our national dialogue.

It is both ironic and horrifying that the same should be used as a wedge to drive us apart and serve to prevent that very dream from it’s manifest.

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