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Coffee With Cato: I

I love CATO.  And their blog.  You should go read ’em both.  Anyway, I am going to try to work out a piece every Tuesday that grabbed my attention over there and discuss my take.

This is the first installment.

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Arizona: Full Court Press

The bill just passed into law was enough to fire up the Left, wait until they see the NEW legislation coming down the road.

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The State of the State of Arizona

Arizona has really shook up the dialogue in America right now.  They are ground zero not only in the crossing of immigrants from South America into North America, but they are now ground zero for the solution.  I’m not sure if Arizona was honestly trying to protect herself or if Arizona passed this law in an effort to set fire under America.  Either way, the effect is the same.  America has noticed.

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Quote of the Day

One of my favorite blogs and maybe the reason why I keep at this like I do is Coyote.  It’s an excellent read full of real world business experience [he owns his own company], intelligence [double Ivy] and humor [just flat out funny].  Further more I like him because he calls it pretty fair; being a Libertarian he is equally able to find faults with the Right and the Left.  As I said, good quality stuff.  But today, he knocked it out of the park.

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Where Brad and Britt Are Wrong: Version I

Some time ago I was listening to Brad and Britt.  They were debating the health care bill [i think?] and one of the points a caller made was that government is unable to do anything well.  Personally I subscribe to this theory and I think it is an excellent point in trying to defeat the current form of health care legislation.  That being said, Britt tried to defend the government by claiming that the government is able to run parks well; State and National.

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