Where Brad and Britt Are Wrong: Version I

Some time ago I was listening to Brad and Britt.  They were debating the health care bill [i think?] and one of the points a caller made was that government is unable to do anything well.  Personally I subscribe to this theory and I think it is an excellent point in trying to defeat the current form of health care legislation.  That being said, Britt tried to defend the government by claiming that the government is able to run parks well; State and National.

The recent string of park closures got me thinking that I oughta list some of ’em.


The Arizona State Parks Board on January 15 voted to keep nine parks open and close the remaining thirteen State Parks in a phased series of closures starting February 22, 2010

And here:

On Dec. 23, 2009, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed legislature reducing the state parks budget by $8.6 million. In the face of these cuts, last week the Arizona State Parks Board voted to close 13 of its 27 state parks by June.



The Nevada Legislature is thinking of closing state parks as it considers how to patch an estimated $900 million budget gap, a move that would save a few million dollars while killing the economies of rural towns and stunting tourism efforts across the state, opponents of the idea say.

Gov. Jim Gibbons has suggested a 10 percent budget reduction for a number of agencies, including the State Parks Division. But the Interim Finance Committee could take that a step further. At its meeting in Las Vegas on Thursday, the committee is expected to consider following the lead of

New York:

Facing historic financial pressures, New York State has identified 41 state parks that it plans to close, along with 14 historic sites, and late last week it began notifying people who had secured campsites in 12 of the parks that their reservations were being canceled.


It’s a bald eagle’s mecca, a bird’s paradise…2,579 lush, green acres…stretching along the Potomac, dotted with dense forest. It’s prime habitat for eagles and other wildlife.

However, the public won’t be able to enjoy it for much longer. Caledon Natural Area in King George County is caught in Virginia’s budget crunch. It’s one of five state parks that Governor Bob McDonnell wants to close to the public because of declining attendance and revenue.

The thing that makes parks great is their natural beauty, not the government’s claim on them.  Same with America.  We are great because of our individual liberties, not the government’s take over of those liberties.

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