The State of the State of Arizona

Arizona has really shook up the dialogue in America right now.  They are ground zero not only in the crossing of immigrants from South America into North America, but they are now ground zero for the solution.  I’m not sure if Arizona was honestly trying to protect herself or if Arizona passed this law in an effort to set fire under America.  Either way, the effect is the same.  America has noticed.

And I think it’s about time.

In short, what Arizona has done is nothing different from what is already settled law.  The bill that the good govn’a signed only echos the federal law making it allowable for the State to step in when the Federal government won’t or can’t.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

But if the result is that we are going to work on fixing the immigration issue, here is my solution:

  1. Acknowledge that virtually every person who wants to come to America can get in America today.
    – And that America is just fine, even better, because of it.
  2. Allow virtually anyone who wants to come into America to come into America.
  3. Run checks with the immigrant’s host nation to validate criminal status.
    – No wanted criminals can enter and we will block offenders of certain crimes.
  4. Conduct a physical to validate no contagious serious disease.
  5. Provide guest status within days, no more than 7.
  6. This status will allow the immigrant to be legal, work and go to school.
  7. After some suitable time, no more than a year, follow-up on guest status and if no violation, upgrade guest status to citizen status.
    -There is no need to take some onerous test that forces an immigrant to understand the legislative process of the United States.  Many many Liberals don’t understand this, why would we wanna bar hard-working family people the opportunity to become an American?
    – To complete the transition from illegal resident to Guest, the immigrant has to register with American officials.
    – If arrested and proof of residency can be provided, the immigrant will be registered. If proof can not be provided, the immigrant will be deported and can apply for Guest status in their host nation.

That should do it.

We want our border secure.  We want to let people immigrate.

But, we have to do something with the immense population of people in the country already.  And we have to acknowledge that what ever we do, it should be seen as a one time fix and not the going forward position of the US policy.

And that has to be okay with the Right.

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