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Hopey Changey

For all the talk about Obama making nice with our friends and enemies around the world, you would be surprised to see this:

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s hardline rulers sent uncompromising signals to foes at home and abroad on Wednesday, warning of possible legal action against opposition leaders and testing an upgraded missile that could reach Israel.

We were promised the turning of the page when it came to US foreign relations.  This was said, mind you, with the implicit suggestion that this turning of the page would help “heal us” and allow the world to see us in a better light.

I don’t think it’s working.

Government Run Health Care

In action!

ATLANTA – Hundreds of thousands of swine flu shots for children have been recalled because tests indicate the vaccine doses lost some strength, government health officials said Tuesday.

Render unto Caesar!

When MSNBC is Bashing the Leftists…..

In a sign that the shine is wearing off I am beginning to see a change of tone in the selection of stories on some major news outlets.  For about 2 years, the only things we saw on such leftist sites as msnbc were stories that painted the liberal agenda.

However, in the last few months I have started to see more stories that are less than complimentary of the left.  This one included:

Automakers are promising that affordable plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will be available in the next couple of years, but a new report contends that it will be decades before the fuel savings and lower emissions make up for the high cost of batteries.

In their eternal quest to regulate, the left continually misses the boat on larger picture issues.

I mean, how do you miss the obvious:

The per-mile cost of running an electric vehicle has been estimated at about a quarter of the equivalent cost for gasoline, which has led some experts and consumers to see plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or PHEVs, as the cure for what ails America’s energy economy.

The research council’s report, however, estimates that it could be 2028 or later before the fuel savings outweigh the additional up-front cost for plug-in vehicles.

When it comes to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, the report said regular hybrid vehicles such as the present-day Prius might well be more environmentally friendly — unless power companies start phasing out the use of coal and other fossil fuels for electricity generation.

Slow down.  Take your time.  Get it right.

Unintended Consequences

The world is full of ’em.  Heck, my family is full of ’em.  I tell my daughter to get her younger brother breakfast….?  I get milk and cereal all over the floor.  Unintended consequences.

Now, left to our own natural devices, we, as a group, as a society, will work to avoid negative unintended consequences.

But when drastic changes are made by only a few people with little or no “complete knowledge” bad bad things happen:

Cities around the country that have installed energy-efficient traffic lights are discovering a hazardous downside: The bulbs don’t burn hot enough to melt snow and can become crusted over in a storm — a problem blamed for dozens of accidents and at least one death.

“I’ve never had to put up with this in the past,” said Duane Kassens, a driver from West Bend who got into a fender-bender recently because he couldn’t see the lights. “The police officer told me the new lights weren’t melting the snow. How is that safe?”

The answer Duane?  It’s not.  It’s not safe at all.

And this is the problem that skeptics have with global warming.  It’s not that we think the globe isn’t warming.  It’s not that we don’t acknowledge man may play a part.

We object to stupid people doing stupid things that will cause massive massive loss of life.

Simply Amazing

I don’t know why a child can do something that has evaded scientists the globe over.

But he did.

Hat Tip: Watts Up With That

I Never Thought I Would Say This

You should have to have a license to be a parent.

There, I said it.  I never, EVER, thought I would say that.

Before I was as conservative as I am today, I was left of center in my college days.  Hell, I even drove to Mexico to build houses for folks who were trying to get into the country.  Though I admit even my liberal self had limits.  The YMCA group I went down there with actually wanted to smuggle an immigrant to Minnesota.  I vetoed that plan.

I digress.

You need a license to drive.  To catch a fish and check out a book.  But anyone can be a parent:

A 22-year-old North Carolina woman who put her toddler in boiling water and burned his foot with a cigarette has been sentenced to prison.

Prosecutors said Rich put her son in a pan of boiling water in October 2008 as punishment because he was constipated. He was treated for third-degree burns on his bottom. He had a cigarette burn on his left foot and other injuries.

Serious.  Miss Rich has no business being responsible for another life.

More of the Same

Wanna know why we are in the trouble we’re in right now?  People spent too much money.  Many times, money they didn’t even have.  They either bought a house they had no business buying or they refinanced that house and spent the money somewhere else.

Either way, we simply spent too much money.

And the only way that we are going to be able to get better is to let this thing play out.  The over spending, and the bubble that it created,  has GOT to play out, and get out, of the system.  Pure and simple.

Which makes me shake my head when I read this:

Under the program, eligible borrowers who are behind or at risk of default can have their mortgage interest rate reduced to as low as 2 percent for five years. They are given temporary modifications, which are supposed to become permanent after borrowers make three payments on time and complete necessary paperwork, including proof of income and a hardship letter.

See, the Government has set up a program that allows folks who are in trouble with their mortgage to get help.  Ignore, for a second if you can, the fact that the government has no business stepping and helping these people.  Focus instead on if the program works or not:

Only one in three homeowners who have signed up for the Obama administration’s mortgage relief plan have sent back the necessary paperwork, highlighting continuing problems for the government’s effort to stem the foreclosure crisis.

It doesn’t.  And how could it?

Lenders, however, say the majority of borrowers either don’t complete the paperwork or don’t make the payments. At Bank of America, for example, only a quarter of the 65,000 borrowers in trial modifications have sent back their paperwork.

The bank blamed “ineffective communications with customers, shortcomings in document maintenance, misunderstandings about program requirements, and the inability to comply by some borrowers,” according to written remarks from Jack Schakett, Bank of America’s credit loss mitigation strategies executive.

I mean seriously.  Can you imagine going to the DMV for help on your mortgage?  Can you imagine the confusion that must reign at these offices?

Government.  Sheesh

Jerk-Ass Radio Show Host

Brad and Britt.  Man, ya gotta love ’em.  I mean, even when you hate ’em, you gotta hand it to ’em.

This morning they are talking about health care legislation and Joe Lieberman.  I guess Joe is to the Democrats as Snowe is to the Republicans.  Anyway, that’s what they were talking about.

Then, during a break, Neil Boortz came on and pitched his show; a quick 15 second bit advertising his show at 10:00.  During his bit, he made mention that this health care legislation was “Government takeover of health care.”

Heh.  Brad went nuts.  He lashed out in his typical 2 octaves above normal voice and began ranting and raving.  Finally, he ended with the comment that “this is not government takeover of health care, I don’t care what a jerk-ass radio talk show host says.”

Stay classy guys, stay classy.

You Can Tell a Bad Idea

By how hard you have to work to sell it.

My friendly neighborhood watering hole prolly spends close to zero dollars on advertising.  I might be wrong, but seriously, pretty close to $0.00.

And the flippin’ place is FULL.  It’s great.  I get to watch my Vikings, have some beer and burgers and they get to stay in business.  Wonderful arrangement.  Very easy.

But this, this just sounds silly:

Oakland has become the latest city to allow residents to finance solar panels, insulation, new refrigerators and other efficiency improvements through their property tax bills.

The plan allows residential and commercial property owners to make energy improvements without paying up-front costs. Instead, they pay installments through their property tax bill over a 20- or 30- year period, in most cases at a lower interest rate than what they could obtain individually.

And that’s not all.  Not only can you now fund your home improvement projects through the State of California, you can obtain credits and rebates from the Federal Government.  Heck, even the utilities are in the game:

rebates as high as $15,000 from Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

If this idea was such a good idea, they wouldn’t have to work this hard.

By the way, I wonder how this works:

The property tax payments stay with the property even if it is sold.

Is it possible to buy a new refrigerator, freezer, washer and dryer and then move?  Would you have to list that when selling the house?  Can you imagine buying a house in California, not have this be required to be disclosed and get your first city property tax bill?

Where the Left Falls Down

I came across this horrible story last week, a woman was raped and murdered.

A former mental patient has been charged with raping and murdering a Los Angeles woman…

The man was abducted and arrested.  The part that has me confused is this:

Three counts of murder were filed Thursday against 22-year-old Boneetio Washington.

Huh?  Three?  But I don’t understand.  How is he being charged with 3 counts?  Ahh, I see it now:

A former mental patient has been charged with raping and murdering a Los Angeles woman and her unborn twins

The woman was pregnant.  With twins.  And they, of course, also died in the attack.  So, what is it?  Are those babies people?  With rights?  Can you be charged for murder if that which you murdered didn’t have rights?  Well, maybe the twins were of such an age that they were considered people.  Even by the leftist crowd?

Police believe he randomly targeted Kang, who was four months pregnant.

16 weeks.
Of course the law is getting this one right.  Mr. Washington did take the lives of three people.  That night, 3 people perished.  Why the Left can’t be consistent is frustrating.